Believers who invest their heart, time, family and finances in the building of a local church deserve to have confidence in church leadership. People are looking for leaders to conduct themselves with integrity and respect when making decisions that affect their lives.


Our Leadership


The Pastoral staff team and leaders is led by the Lead Pastor. This team oversees the day-to-day ministry and operations of the church. These staff pastors and leaders serve the congregation and are responsible for the development of the spiritual life of the church.

The Staff Leaders and Pastors of Hope City Church are:

  1. Quovadis Marshall- Lead Pastor
  2. Dustin Cox- Associate Pastor
  3. Angela Marshall- Children Ministry Director
  4. Megan Johnson- Administrator to Lead pastor


The Business Advisory Team are members of the congregation appointed by the Lead Pastor to oversee the finances by providing godly advice and accountability for the financial needs of the church. They provide counsel to the Lead Pastor regarding the major financial commitments of the church.

The Business Advisory Team of Hope City Church are:

  1. Tracy Cayton
  2. BradCote
  3. Chris Canfield
  4. Dustin Cox
  5. Julie Flick
  6. Megan Johnson
  7. Mark Cayton


The PAC Team are three pastors of respected congregations and ministries who love Hope City Church and its Lead Pastor and are willing to provide spiritual protection to the church. They may be called upon to help in accountability matters relating to the Lead Pastor if requested to do so by the Pastoral staff or BAT. The PAC Team serve as Apostolic Elders.


The Overseers of Hope City Church are:

  1. Ben Dau- Senior Pastor- Vineyard Community Church, Waverly, IA
  2. Dan Kingery- V.P. of Field Operations for Prison Fellowship Ministries, Newton IA
  3. Stuart Greaves- V.P. of the Global Prayer Room atIHOPKC


As Hope City has continued to grow at a rapid pace and experience the growing pain that comes along with this kind of growth, we have seen the need to bring in local and internal wise counsel to help us discern and execute the strategic vision of Hope City for this next ministry season. This Transition Team is a temporary internal team tasked with the duty of ensuring that our lead Pastor is healthy and has the necessary support that he needs to continue to lead the way. In addition to this, the Transition Team is in place to help us execute the strategic vision for our overall church family.

The Transition Team of Hope City Church are:

  1. Bret Ford
  2. Megan Johnson
  3. Angela Marshall
  4. BradCote
  5. Mark Cayton
  6. Dustin Cox
  7. David Bertram
  8. Tracy Cayton
  9. Quovadis Marshall
  10. Julie Flick
  11. PAC Team as needed