Care & Community Director


DATE: August 1, 2021
JOB TITLE: Care and Community Director
LOCATION: Waterloo, IA
REPORTS TO: Senior Pastor
FLSA STATUS: Full-time (40 hours per week), Exempt


Directly responsible for the overall administration, coordination and day-to-day responsibilities of Missional Communities and Pastoral Care at Hope City Church. Actively come alongside the Lead Pastor and Team to ensure that the members of Hope City Church are being pastored through MC’s and cared for by the Care Team.


Missional Communities:
• Manage day-to-day functions and integration of the MCs and Pastoral Care.
• Oversee, coordinate, and implement plans for recruiting new leaders and coaches, leadership development and leader retention to sustain growth in all hubs.
• Lead a MC in key ministry area
• Ensure there are coaches and anchor groups in each MC hub category
• Facilitate regular meetings with Hub Leaders and MC Team Coordinators.
• Facilitate and oversee MC Leadership Trainings and interviews.
• Ensure all MC materials and campaign items are ordered, received and available for semester launch (banners, Coach’s playbooks, Leadership Training Manuals, etc.).
• Oversee and manage MC data administration, including but limited to the MC Database, PCO and through Next Step Survey.
• Provide pastoral leadership for MC Leaders.
• Ensure that we have number of MCs that total 10% of overall attendance.
• Other duties as assigned.
Pastoral Care:
• Develop strategy and implement the plan for delivering the right care to the right people by caring and compassionate Grow Teamers.
• Develop expectations, processes, and practices for providing pastoral care as appropriate
• Serve as point of contact for congregational needs and deployment of the Care Team
• Coordinate pastoral care training and development.
• Recruit, equip, and mobilize Grow Teamers for Care Team
• Develop and implement necessary communication channels and process to ensure needs are known and addressed.
• Provide an appropriate follow up process to ensure needs are being met and not missed
• Identify and connect care recipient to appropriate MC for ongoing connection
• Assist in the development of an annual departmental budget and manage spending to budget.
• Other duties as assigned


• Regularly attend all Sunday morning services and lead a missional community group.

NOTE: Sunday is considered to be a work day and is counted in the weekly hours total

• Proven ability to gather leaders and mobilize them to do the work of ministry.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Experience leading volunteers and working with a wide variety of people
• Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously while meeting deadlines
• Ability to work as a team player and discuss needs, challenges and ideas
• Ability to think ahead, anticipate needs and offer creative solutions
• Some platform ministry may be requested and required on weekends.
• Ability to community in large groups.
• Professional representation of Hope City Church and the Lord in all areas


• Bachelor’s degree in applicable or related field of study, minimum of three years related experience and/or training, or equivalent combination of education and experience.
• 3+ years of relevant work experience in a church or ministry context preferred
• Equivalent combination of education and experience acceptable.
• Experience leading, managing and supervising other people preferred


• Perform funerals, weddings, and assist with other services as needed.
• Exhibits an abiding relationship and commitment to Christ and his mission, as evidenced in his/her personal life, family relationships, and ministry so as to be an example and leader to others.
• Ability to understand and support Hope City Church’s values:
o Love God – An abiding, deepening, and life-giving relationship with Jesus.
o Love People – Deep, healthy, accountable, and supportive relationships, within and outside of the church.
o Pursue Excellence – A continuous commitment to grow in your character, competency, and capacity as a leader.
o Choose Joy – An attitude that exudes optimism, excitement, and passion to accomplish our vision.
o Live Generously – The ability to embrace the sacrificial nature of ministry and to expand our capacity as needed.

Application Process:

Please send a cover letter and resume to