The Resetting

The Resetting isn't only a teaching series that we are launching, it is an opportunity for all of us to make the most of this added time that we have together due to COVID-19. We are inviting you to join us in an concerted effort to reset the table around family, friendship and relationship with the Lord. We believe that through this crisis God is calling us back to the table. To help us all reset the table we are launching a four-week campaign, merging teaching, online small groups, guided group discussion and weekly family activities and conversations that can be had at the table.

THE CHALLENGE: Eat dinner together at least three nights a week. We believe that we will all be surprised at the ways that the Lord will renew our lives and relationships as we reset the table.


Join an online virtual community group. Groups meet online for one hour a week. During group time the group host will lead the group through discussion questions and a weekly video that accompanies the weeks teaching. You will be able to connect with other adults in a fun, safe and relational environment from around the country!


These weekly discussion videos and guides are designed to come alongside you and your online small group during the Reset Series. Each video has a short video and discussion question to help you and your group get the most out of the series. 

Week 1: Returning to the Table

God has invited us to His table. We now get to invite Him to join our table. Returning to the table means, making sure that we make the table a priority and place importance on the people who we have gathered there. 

Week 2: The Work of Resting

Our inability or unwillingness to rest is wrecking havok on every part of our lives. Our emotional, mental, physical, relational and even spiritual health are all suffering. Learn practical tools to change your current rhythms and create some new routines that will help you be more effective and rested. 

Week 3: Life Around the Table 

The most important things in life are who and not what. Sometimes in our pursuits to meet our needs, accomplish our goals and get ahead in life we leave the most important people behind. We can change all of that by making some small but significant adjustments in our lives. Learn what those adjustments are and how you can begin  to implement them. 

Week 4: God's Blessing

God bestows His blessing on us when we invite Him into our lives and make room for him around our table. Discover why staying tethered to the table is essential to God's blessings filling our home. 

Week 5: Extending the Table

Join Pastor Q and other leaders from Hope City as they chat and share the things that they have learned around the table. 


These are resources have been prepared to support you as you seek to engage in vibrant, life-giving faith for the entire family. 

Let the RESET Begin.

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