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We believe that finding a community of people to lean on, learn from and do life is essential to your health as a person and growth in life. We have groups for married, singles, and everyone else somewhere in-between. 

Weekly Discussion Guide

To accompany the teaching series that we are in we will also provide weekly discussion questions and a video to help with your Missional Community time. 

Week 1: Know God

Life-Giving Church help people love God with all of their hearts, souls, minds, and strength. God has invited us to His table. We now get to invite Him to join our table. Returning to the table means, making sure that we make the table a priority and place importance on the people who we have gathered there. 

Week 2: Find Community

Life-giving churches connect people in community where they can find friendship and freedom from their yesterdays.  

Week 3: Build Families and Leaders

Life-giving churches focus on building great families and next generation leaders.  

Week 4: Help People Make a Difference 

Life-giving churches are committed to the mission mobilize the church to make a eternal difference in their homes, communities and world. 

Week 5: Discover their Life Purpose 

Life-giving churches help people discover God purpose, experience God’s power and be prepared for the work of ministry.

Week 6: Love & Reach the Lost

Life-giving churches are committed to reaching those who are far from God.

Week 7: Ongoing Growth

Life-giving churches create next steps for people to take on their spiritual journey. 

Whoever has the Son has life...

1 John 5:11

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