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Hope City Church is a non-denominational, multi-generational, multi-racial, and multi-ethnic church in the Cedar Valley. At Hope City, you will find people from every walk of life. The uniting factor for all of us is Jesus. This is a friendly environment where you and your family can dress casually and learn about God at your own pace.

We exist to help people Know God, Find Community, Discover their Purpose, & Make a Difference.

You were created to Know God, Find Community, Discover your Purpose & Make a Difference.

I enjoy the family feel. The genuine and caring attitude of the congregation.

William BurtLocal Barber & Business Owner

I was so surprised when I came here for the first time, how welcoming everyone is. So glad I found the right church for me.

Gina SchuettHope City Church Member

 I always leave wishing that I could’ve
stayed longer... It’s HOME!!.”

Michelle ElderNurse at Friendship Village