Prayer Wall

Intercede with us in prayer... (updated 1/12/21)


Please pray for my daughter that she can beat her addiction and get her life back on track and for my grandson who is struggling with the many changes in his life in the last couple of years. He is 10 years old and has trouble sleeping and worries about everyone and misses everyone because his time is now split between 2 homes and that takes time away from us (his grandparents) and he misses that and needs stability and love. Pray his mom can be the amazing mom I know she can be and she can give her addiction to God. Thank you!



Sending prayers for my 13-year-old niece who was adopted at age 3. She is stealing from the family and not getting good grades. I am asking for prayer because she doesn’t feel loved. We love her so very much and we want to protect her and we have explained this to her. I’m asking for more of a connection and to help her understand that we are here to protect her from this ugly world and to help her stop stealing from us and others and to know that she is loved and cared for so very much in Jesus name amen


Nan submitted a prayer request:

Please stop the craziness in our government. The riots are not a way for us to all live together.


Danny- Pray against the demonic forces combating my 8-year-old grandson, needs prayer. 

I pray for what God has next. We served free meals in our community for over 7 years. We were active in celebrating recovery. I am getting older I don’t know if we sell our building or what. Even our home. Our kids are adults now this house is too big. I would like to move to the country on a small acreage. I just want to do God's will. I know He's not done yet. Just talk to me, Lord. 


I have time and I'm available but I don't know where to go. Please show me. Please use me. In the name of Jesus. Amen.


My aunt Pat is in a hospice due to complications with covid please pray for her and her family. Thank you

My marriage. Married an addict and we've had a lot of ups and downs. Need to pray for him to get clean again so our marriage can survive. For him to find his purpose that God has for him and do it. For me to continue to be supportive and encouraging. Not lose faith. I also work in Healthcare so I'm tired, so strength to keep going on. I am a very forgiving person but struggle with forgiveness for some things my husband has done.


Pray for my son who as a battle with addiction since he was 14 and he’s now 41 his life has been a uphill battle for years he was clean for the last 2 years and was on the right track but he fell and is having a hard time getting back on the track I have prayed he would find his way back to Hope City to the place he called home for a while before moving to Cedar Rapids So please I ask for prayers for my son Theo

I need strength and guidance to make the best decisions for my family as I contemplate if moving out of state is the best option for us. I need God to guide my steps as I want to move in the direction of his purpose. That he hears the prayers in my heart.



Please. My dad just told me he wants to take his own life. Please.



Dear Lord help me to remember to pray first in all things no matter what and help bring those lost souls into the store house. Help me to be more specific and my needs of myself my family my friends my enemies my church family and my enemy Lord. Help me to continue to be mindful of this prayer and fasting and to bring others to your direction. I give special prayer to the individual who called the church a hypocrite as I tried to guide them in the right direction because I know I tried to do the right thing God bless that individuals soul and help me not to stop trying in Jesus name I pray amen.



I pray to heal the friends and family of my cousin Brandon Lee, who was shot last week and did not survive. To know he is with god serving him as protector of those on earth.



Please pray for my consistency in my workout journey. Also praying for those who are struggling with alcoholism and drugs and sex addiction. Our essential workers. In Jesus name Amen.



I'd like to request prayer for growth in my business and that the right direction and doors are opened at the right time. Additionally, I would like prayer for my Haitian colleague who is applying for a visa to come to the US. That he will get an interview, get accepted and be able to join us in June.



Praying for healing and medical care for a friend. She’s looking for a surgeon so she can get back on her feet and back to work. Also praying for Pastor Q and his sister’s Felicia father for healing please wrap your arms around the doctors and medical staff and bring him back to Hope City in Jesus name Amen.


My niece and grand niece. Both are feeling lonely and live miles away. Strengthen and comfort them.Denise Negen called today. Her husband Woody (Darrell) has been diagnosed with bladder cancer. They go tomorrow morning at 10 am to find out the severity and stage. Please pray for his health and her faith. 

Pray for my father Dan McConnell who has stage 4 melanoma cancer. Please keep him around for several more years. I dont know what I'd do without him  thank you


A successful IVF cycle in two weeks. We lost our daughter in September at 17 weeks and this is our last embryo. We pray God answers our prayers and allows us to become parents. Thank you for your prayers

Asking God to continue to bless me with expressing my praise unto him with my gift of singing and dancing in hopes of inspiring others to turn to Jesus. Asking for clarity in my purpose as to help others in accepting Jesus to walk with them through this very hard process. I'm asking for prayer for my 3 sons and my daughter to have a closer walk with our Lord and savior. Thank you for your prayers


Marisa L
I have recently found myself trapped back into the world that I left so far behind a few years ago. I have struggled with addiction on and off again for many years but now was just recently arrested and I do not know what is going to happen to me next. I am scared, fearful, anxious, depressed, and full of hate towards myself for falling so hard and so fast after doing so well for so long.


My uncle Randy is sick with covid. I don't know if he knows Jesus. Please pray for his wife and paralyzed son.


Joy Please pray for my 64 yr old sister joy sanders she has a stage 3 inoperable malignant tumor on her pancreas also pray her appetite nausea and hair loss will improve 


Deborah submitted a prayer request:

Prayers for healing and guidance and for my family


Joni Greer, ex-husband stage 4 cancer. Roselyn Bruns, Relationships. Tonya Rice, Bless Rice's family.

I just need strength right now I've been fighting demons every day and don't make it to church cuz of work so I need the strength that I get thru this because I'm breaking and my depression is getting to me more and more I don't know how much more I can fight

Found out that my 2 older sisters have cancer. I would just like to know that the lord is by their side and that we will get thru this. Thank you


Steven Nelson submitted a prayer request:

I'm moving to Graham Texas in April or maybe sooner and would like prayer for travel and God's Grace for employment arraignments and also a prayer for I'm taking Celebrate Recovery with me.


Ann submitted a prayer request:

I fell off got back involved with ex Nov 5 I put him out Dec 20. 2021. He said something to me that I knew he was wrong. So I'm asking God to forgive me for my sins and fallen back trying to. God give me the strength to never look back, snd move on from a relationship that's not for me. Forgive me for my mistakes. Remove the feelings for him out of my heart. And move on. Help me with my diabetes, losing weight. Help me get back in touch with the church. I was doing fine. Thank you, Lord, for not leaving me.


I continue to progress into a blood cancer that I have. So far no treatment is slowing this down. There is no cure. My request is to ask for prayers for my family, that they learn how to cope with this progression, and to know that God is with all of us and that this is His plan for me. Thank you!


My oldest grandbaby has covid. Please keep her in your prayers


I have been watching online and on kwwl. And have some marriage issues and would like some prayers to help my wife and I and what direction to go and healing for us. Thank


Prayers for my son Alex - battling addiction, prayers for victory and wisdom. Prayers for the release of my father from federal prison after 25 years- prayers for Judge Britt who will be reviewing the motions for release- prayer for compassion and grace on Judge Britts behalf. Continued prayers for my father, Russell who has suffered isolation for 19 of the 25 years incarcerated- continued hope and to know he is not alone.

My anxiety levels have reached a new high. I go to sleep with anxiety and wake up with it. No rhyme or reason for it, I just worry too much for my family, our health, our jobs and our finances. I need to rely more on our Lord! My family’s finances. Security and stability in our jobs. Mine and my family’s health. Keep his hands on my marriage. Thank you and God bless!
Need collective prayer in my transitioning from Iowa to Houston Texas in the near future. Need for God to move in my favor in all areas, employment, good home, church family, etc.


Ada Watley, "Pray that God provides the strength, patience, health, love, time, finances, consistency, and more for me to raise my 3 boys whether that be alone or God send me a husband.


Mariah Carley, "Prayer for clarity and guidance. Starting off as a family after past addictions. Prayer for financial break thru and job opportunity."


Anonymous card, "Pray for Ben. In the past 18 months he lost his job, went through a divorce, and has been in treatment for mental issues and drug abuse. He needs God's healing for his body, soul and mind and needs positive encouragement and friends."

Kristi Kidrowski submitted a prayer request:Shelly Roberts Father who has fallen very sick with Covid.



I need prayer to help overcome addiction and the daily battles I face within my self from my past.


Complete physical and emotional healing.

Pls pray for my family Peace upon my brother who suffers from bipolar and alcoholism...which has affected the family.

Dee Dee 
Pray for my cousin Debbie, her husband Jim passed away New year's day. He would have been 68 years old January 5th and they would have been married 50 years this year he was a Christian and we know where he's at and I know you'll go and come alongside me and pray for my family thank you and God bless.


My best friend Mike Mussett and his wife and daughter Mother and Father all have Covid-19 just pray everyone comes out of this alright.


I want my family to grow closer to God and have an intimate relationship with Jesus. Allow the Holy Spirit to dwell with them.


Please pray for my Step-Father Patrick Marshall. We are not sure what his status is due to COVID protocols and HIPPA protocols but we know that he is in the Surgical Neurological Intensive Care Unit and has yet to be responsive. Please pray that we can get family in to see him with their being a breakdown in communication. Please pray that he wakes from his state so that we can see him and pray over him.


Please pray for my girlfriend and me. We are waiting on the courthouse to give her the money that she earned and her ex-husband took from her and her almost 6-year-old son too.


Dee Dee Scott submitted a prayer request:

Prayer for myself I was diagnosed with covid Christmas Eve and have quarantined at home I get to return to work Tuesday I still have some tiredness and like that completely gone completely healed physically and spiritually and ready for what the Lord has in store for me thank you and God bless.


Kimberly Sanders submitted a prayer request:

Dear Heavenly Father Please strengthen my mind body and soul to be more mindful of my health. Help me to be consistent in doing something healthy 2 to 3 days a week as far as exercise and eating healthy. In Jesus' name, I pray amen.


Cory Cantrall submitted a prayer request:

Please pray for unity and healing within my marriage. Pray for healing from depression and anxiety for my wife and daughter.


Please pray for my daughter that she can beat her addiction and get her life back on track and for my grandson who is struggling with the many changes in his life the last couple years. He is 10 years old and has trouble sleeping and worries about everyone and misses everyone because his time is now split between 2 homes and that takes time away from us (his grandparents) and he misses that and needs stability and love. Pray his mom can be the amazing mom I know she can be and she can give her addiction to God. Thank you!


Nan submitted a prayer request:

I need prayer to help me understand what purpose God has for me.


Kimberly Sanders submitted a prayer request:

Praying for the connection with my granddaughter I haven’t seen her since she was about a couple of months old she is seven now. Also I am praying that my son builds a connection with his daughter and the relationship is strengthened with the mother so they can come to some kind of common ground so he can get visitation. I ask all these things in Jesus name amen. 


Jim submitted a prayer request:

I feel I am being pushed into leasing my own truck at work. Miles are low and there are issues with payroll that make it even harder for bills to be paid and to be able to live out here on the road. I am uncertain if God wants this for me or if it’s Satan that’s putting doubts in my mind to stay the course originally set. I have been praying to guidance. Please pray for guidance.


Nancy Carrier
Pray for my nephew who has children and needs to be a present parent.

I just need a prayer forme and my family we are going through some things right now. Please pray for us 

I would like prayer for my household, my siblings, my sisters and brothers in Christ and for the World. Lord protect us like you have been with this virus. Lord God whatever blessing you have for me, Thank you. Lead and keep guiding me. 


My brother Mike is in critical condition in ICU in Iowa city with COVID-19. His wife was told he might not make it. I am lifting him up in prayer and trusting for healing


Kimberly Sanders submitted a prayer request:

Dear heavenly father, I’m asking for job stability and transportation for my adult son who lives with me. He suffers from depression and has a past record but he really wants to work and get back out on his own. He is separated from his wife who shot him last year in the stomach and I’m asking for healing and peace No matter what happens in Jesus name Amen