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The list will update every week during 21 Days of Prayer. (updated 8/2/2021)

  • My friend was in a bad car accident earlier today and dislocated her leg. Kimmy S.

  • I’m wanting to keep my eyes on God as I walk thru this time. I have a promise and I don’t want to focus on the trials or things unseen. I pray I keep my eyes on God so I don’t sink when I can’t see what he’s doing. I’m believing and praying for God to reconcile and restore my marriage. I’m believing for my son to be saved and delivered. That God will do a new thing in his life. Remove the spirit of witchcraft in his home and give him a new experience with God. Karen H.

  • Please pray for mental healing for my wife. Pray for healing from past sexual harm. Pray that our marriage bed is reopened greater than ever before. Pray that my wife regains a desire to be touched. Cory C.

  • Maintain health. Closer relationship with my daughter. Help understanding the word of my savior. Nancy P.

  • Pray that the Holy Spirit will strengthen me as I quit smoking at midnight tonight. Mindi S.

  • Confident! I’ve struggled a lot in this area. From my personal self to what I’m doing and where I’m doing it and who I’m allowing to do it with! Basically everything in life deals with confidence. I want to have a clear mind and know that this is Gods plan for me. That people are in my life because God put them there. That everything is my life is God's purpose for me! And if it’s not, that I can be confident that God has a better plan for me! Kylie S.

  • Pray for health healing!!! A lot of sicknesses are going around currently. Especially in daycares, which is my profession. To heal the littles!! Also, heal the providers so they can continue to help the littles be healthy and keep growing! Kylie S.

  • Please pray for my faith. Cindy A.

  • Please pray for Erica Gamerdinger and Keith Griffith. Erica is 13 and her family was on vacation in Cumberland Gap Park and Keith is 15 from Tennesse. Erica sent an SOS to her mom 07-27. They are believed to be endangered. Thank you! Teresa A.

  • Please pray for Erica Gamerdinger and her family. She was camping in another state and disappeared. Thank you! Teresa A.

  • Been sick for a week with the RSV virus. Please pray for healing & strength. I go back to work on Tuesday.

  • Please pray for my family and my relationship with Christ Jesus Karen W. JN

  • Direction for my professional and personal life. MB
    For my friend who is addicted to heroin. ??

  • Pray for our broken relationship with son and DIL, they are Christians as well. DB and SB

  • For Stephanie as she has relapsed on meth is in jail, please pray God speaks to her. ??

  • For Dave, he needs to be healed of cancer, pray for peace for him and his family as he has been given limited time on earth. ??

  • For James' physical and spiritual healing. ??

  • Immediate family relationships are broken and in need of healing. ??

  • Pray for our son's health and that husband and I continue to pay it forward no matter how small the gift. RT and LT

  • Pray that God can help open doors of opportunity to get back involved in work for the Lord. That my testimony can help others in need and further the Kingdom. DD