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The list will update every week during 21 Days of Prayer. (updated 01/08/2023)

    1. Pray that my daughter would have discernment if the person she is dating is the one made for her to marry. Wisdom and peace in their decision-making.
    2. For my boyfriend to grow closer with his parents and be able to talk to them about his troubles and for him to know that he is loved by God.
    3. Broke my left wrist on 12/28 and go back to the doctor on 1/9. Pray for restoration and that I only need a cast and no surgery. Also lots of arthritis in the fingers.
    4. My grandchildren DJ, Samiya, King, Shaliyeh, Alana, Aaliyah, Amar, and future grandchildren. Finances, tithing, increased faith.
    5. Please Lor help me find part-time work with my health and according to your will not mine.
    6. Financial breakthrough in my household with my husband having a great desire and effort to work and earn money to take care of the family and himself.
    7. Pray for my and my child’s father's relationship. It is a constant battle and I was the best for our daughter.
    8. Praying for help with how to build my daughter's faith. She is struggling with it right now.
    9. Pray for my career choices. I want to stay active in church with the availability to do more.
    10. Pray for the healing of my boyfriend’s sinuses. We both suffer from severe chronic allergic rhinitis and cannot breathe. We need to receive healing.
    11. Ask the Lord to bless Clarissa and her family and help her find a community of believers where she lives. She desires a move of the Holy Spirit in rural Iowa. Please pray in agreement for that.
    12. Asking for my stepfather in Iowa City. He fell and hit his head and has a loss of memory and seizures.
    13. Prayers for all battered men and women and children. Break the bondage of shame.
    14. Please pray with me in seeking God and home in having a Godly husband for me. As I am in my singleness I am continuing to be faithful and patient. I am struggling with loneliness and wanting a male role model for my kids.
    15. Pray for all our pastors to continue to lead us in our journey with God. Give them the strength to go above and beyond as they always do.
    16. Please bless all of the wonderful police officers in the Cedar Valley area for risking their lives for the public. Let God’s spirit continue to give them wisdom and courage to help them complete their jobs.
    17. Dear Jesus, heal our fingers and heal my dog so she isn’t scared. For my mom and dad. My grandma and grandpa. Heal my ears and heal all of my friends.
    18. For my daughter – help her to focus on Jesus. To find joy and seek to forgive me and her dad. For my son – help him to have self-control of his mind, mouth, and body to think before the reacts.
    19. Pray for healing for all domestic violence survivors. I am one and I struggle with flashbacks.
    20. Pray for Marilyn who has just had an ankle replacement in September and still can’t stand on it yet. Also her daughter Jenny – is abusive to her mom and she lives with her. Jenny needs salvation.
    21. For my new marriage – that the Lord would bless and keep us. That we would be wise as we combine our lives. That we would see the Lord, work in ways we couldn’t even imagine. That we would continue to have fun and our season of joy to be protected.
    22. Financial healing health. Revival in my family. Growth as a leader. My children desire a life with God. My wife conceives a child. Blessing, influence, presence, and protection over my family and me.
    23. Prayers for my father who has been a Muslim for 26 years. Open his heart and his mind. I want to see him in heaven. I have lived my life without him due to his incarceration.
    24. I need prayers for my sister 21, a single mom. She is always telling me how hard life is. Pray she finds Jesus and is open to accepting him. Her life won’t be easier but she will know who walks with her.
    25. My brother is spirit filled but now struggling with mental illness and living on the street.
    26. Pray for my son’s drinking. His family needs him to stop.
    27. For a blessed marriage and life decisions – wisdom, holiness, provision on the job.
    28. Pray for my husband as he is really struggling in ways I don’t even know. Pray for his health. I feel he needs more than he will say Pray for me to be a better wife.
    29. Pray for my son who is finally realizing he has an addiction.
    30. Trusting God’s own people.
    31. Career, life changes, kids, a teenager that is struggling to find the right path. Praying God takes the wheel before the judge and sentencing.
    32. Pray for Maria Walker's results of the brain scan and cancerous tumor gone.
    33. Pray for revival in the nations. There are billions who have never heard the name of Jesus, yet not enough are going. I pray more would be obedient to the call to GO and make disciples.
    34. Please pray for a marriage that is falling apart. Pray that God will intervene and lead to reconciliation.
    35. Pray for health. Not only for myself but for my family and our church staff and whoever else is struggling.
    36. Pray for my daughter’s father. That he opens his heart and receives Jesus.
    37. Faith and trust in what God is doing in our lives. See the joy in the mundane moments. Consistent health – physically, mentally, and spiritually.
    38. I am distracted and need to turn to Jesus but it is hard to die to myself every day. Lust is a real problem. To be honest, I don’t know if I want to change, but I know I need to.
    39. Hope City Church
    40. Prayer for all the men and women in prison and their families.
    41. My dad is having heart surgery – multiple bypasses. Pray for a safe surgery and speedy recovery. Pray for his mind and emotions. Pray he has a touch from the Lord.
    42. Pray for my son to stay strong against the enemy and to keep speaking to God. Nathaniel Matlock.
    43. Pray for Derrick Plunkett. Allow his heart to soften and open to accept our father.
    44. Praying for the people of Ukraine.
    45. Pray for my deliverance of the Jezebel spirit.
    46. Pastor Corey Holmes has just taken over the leadership of KBBG radio after the passing of his mother. This left a void that the enemy tried to use to end the station. Pray for him and the station’s endurance and prosperity amidst the crisis.
    47. Baggage continues to hamper current relationships, peace, joy, and contentment. I know it is my cross to bear and it will ultimately result in God’s glory. Pray for strength for God to work through all of this.
    48. For my family to do things together. And that we stay healthy.
    49. Pray for deliverance for our neighbors. They are addicted to drugs and many people come and go from their houses. We believe they are also involved in human trafficking. We’ve called the authorities multiple times but it continues. Most of all, they need Jesus.
    50. My friend Rick is starting radiation for prostate cancer on 1/10/23.
    51. Pray for Hope City youth kids. Salvation, discipleships, healing and deliverance, hard home lives, and their families.
    52. Father I don’t believe in love or my heart isn’t open to it I want to open my heart so I can allow the man I’m supposed to be with love me. A Godly man please, father. Let me let go of the past hurt and trust you.
    53. Prayers for a coworker that lost his wife last week and their daughter -Vern. Another coworker who fell at work this week and broke his hip - Don.
    54. I need to worship with my wife. Please pray for her to be moved to join me in worship at Hope City.
    55. Please pray for my future relationships. One didn’t work out that was short and it is hard to go from here.
    56. For four of my children and a nephew who has strayed.
    57. Pray for my dad to be delivered from drugs and alcohol. Pray that I will fully forgive. Pray for my sisters to be delivered from addictions also.
    58. Pray for this generation to have fear and reverence for God, be surrounded with divine favor, and be by Godly friends and influences.
    59. Pray for my friend. She is such a blessing in so many people’s lives and she is currently experiencing some financial instability. Pray for guidance, knowledge, and self-discipline, when it comes to finances.
    60. Please pray for our neighbors to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Ask the Lord for spiritual conversations with them and that others will minister to them as well.
    61. I feel selfish asking for this, but I have a food addiction that I cannot seem to conquer on my own. I need prayer to beat this with God’s help. Please help me to lean on God.
    62. Pray that my faith becomes more and more increased every day that my cup overflows.
    63. Our teenagers are so confused about who you created them to be. Show them who you created them to be. Show them your never-ending love. No matter what they’re going through – Help us show love to them.
    64. Barker family – death in the family.
    65. My 3 daughters and their families for salvation, that they would have a real encounter with God. They would live for the Lord.
    66. Pray for Ava Kate that she has fun in her dance class.
    67. Pray for my friend, that he has a breakthrough in his health. Pray he received full healing in his body from diabetes, food sensitivities, and allergies.
    68. Pray for my siblings. All with breathing problems or issues with walking.
    69. I need to pray for life and to stop watching TV and tablet.
    70. Pray for my sister’s 23-year-old and 14-year-old. I really want them to have a relationship with our father.
    71. Found a place to live in Waterloo – now they say I make too much to live in the apartment. Praying the Lord gives me faith and housing soon.
    72. Please pray for me to surrender to the Lord, discipline in the word/time with God, have clarity for what I should be doing, have health and healing, minister to people well, and deliverance from oppression.
    73. Prayers for me and my birth father’s relationship. He also struggles with some health issues. Pray for strength in us to fix our bond. I want my dad back.
    74. I need prayer for my dad. His back really hurts and he is in constant pain. I also need prayer for my ankle and wrist to be better in time for my competition.
    75. For Martee and his family to stay safe and joyful.
    76. Pray that my daughter and her husband would see their need for Christ and believe His truths.
    77. Less of me and more of God.
    78. Pray for my grandparents and extended family to know Jesus. Coworkers to know Jesus and get saved, delivered and healed.
    79. Reconciliation with my nephew and family.
    80. Pray for favor and blessing for Hope City in the Waterloo Schools.
    81. Praying for healing, strength, understanding, and to grow closer to Christ with my family.
    82. Pray for me for financial breakthroughs. To give me the strength to overcome my fears and all the anxiety I’ve been having because of them. Pray for my health and that my family, mainly my siblings find and get close to God.
    83. Prayer for my health, heart failure, diabetes, and weight.
    84. Relationship with family, health, finances, discernment, business, daughter, my friend Johnathan – increase his faith. Please pray for my brother, Luke. Praise God last year at this time we prayed for him to be delivered from meth and now he is clean and on fire for God. Just got his kids back and they need a house.  Please pray they find one and for his sons, Cash, Jaxson, & Sawyer
    85. Please pray for my brother, Luke. Praise God last year at this time we prayed for him to be delivered from meth and now he is clean and on fire for God. Just got his kids back and they need a house.
    86. Please pray they find one and for his sons, Cash, Jaxson, & Sawyer
    87. I ask for prayer for my grandson. He needs Jesus. He doubts, was raised knowing, but doubts. He needs help in his life.
    88. Our family grows in the love of God. We would walk out His purpose for us. That my wife and I have greater alignment.
    89. Pray that people in our neighborhood would stop doing drugs and know God.
    90.  Peace on earth as you intended. We are so worldly at times. Bless our hearts. Let people lean into your word and guidance. That’s all we need.
    91. Father be with Jess Weber and her family as they have lost a rock in their life. A grandmother brings wisdom and irreplaceable love. Give them the comfort, peace, and strength only you give. Let the love through it. Amen.
    92. Brother Craig is going through life transition. Needs our savior. Praying he can welcome our Lord back into his life.
    93. My friend Josh might be able to help him find out about his family he never met. Want to help him without it causing any ill feelings. My other friend, show him his righteous way with God. I fear he may be going in the wrong direction.
    94. Lord, please help my wife. Thank you.
    95. I need help getting myself on track. My way has been the only one I’ve taken. Faith needs to be strengthened. Health and marriage need healing. More guidance, open-minded honesty myself 100% time.
    96. Can you please pray for my grandma? She has a really bad cough. Thank you.
    97. D.J. surrender to get a prayer life to seek God only. Tithe, giving.
    98. Father, please take away the lust from my heart. Help me to desire you more than my flesh.
    99. Please pray for Linda Lee. She passed away this morning. Give comfort to her husband George and her daughter.
    100. For my friends son. Brylin – A mother praying for her son to surrender, submit and be on fire for God. The Lord said, “Your children I will save.
    101. Father I want to love you and who you want me to be. Help me to love what you want more than what I want.
    102. Prayers for guidance in my journey with the Lord. Prayers for my personal relationship. My father as well. He needs you to guide him down a better path with his health choices.
    103. Please pray for my sister to be healed as she has a brain tumor and that she will see herself the way God sees her. Thank you
    104. Prayers for strength for this sickness to leave my body to be restored to strength. Thank you, Lord Amen
    105. Elijah – 20-year-old friend with cancer. Healing of this disease. Energy, encouragement, appetite, and hope they have a normal life again. His family, they are weary and scared of treatments not working and hurting watching their son going through his.
    106. Pray for my friend. She is in a season that is difficult for her to hear from the Lord. Pray for favor and clear direction for her.
    107. Please pray for a healthy home environment. Pray for healing in my immediate family.
    108. Pray for Charlie as he begins a new chapter at his job.
    109. Pray for my brother Robin to fight his drug demons. To know and feel the love of Jesus. Also, pray for Ovelton as he needs to know God. Open their eyes, heart, and ears to hear God. Thank you, Father.
    110. For Jan Huffman & family. They lost their daughter to an overdose. She leaves behind 6 children.
    111. Pray for a friend having serious cancer surgery in a week. He knows God, and loves God but is having trouble accepting it all. Has some fear.
    112. Brother C.A. needs to return to our Savior’s arms.
    113. Prayers for my 19 year old son who is conflicted by the word. Making bad choices. No motivation or ambition to want or to do better for himself. He needs guidance and structure. Thank you Team!
    114. Baby Smith trying to be born now safely in Jesus’ name.
    115. Dear Jesus, you gave us the gift of healing by your stripes. Thank you so much. I receive your healing for my husband David with Pneumonia. Right now in your name we pray Amen.
    116. Prayers for my sister and her relationships. That they be as meaningful as she is to you. Bless her and the path you have provided for her.
    117. Praying for my family’s strength as I tell them that I have been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Amen
    118. Praying for wisdom, strength, and guidance to help my lost 19 year old as he figures out his future and himself. Pray that I be a better mother to my youngest La’Marcus. Amen.
    119. The Smith Family – they lost their father in an accident.
    120. I will be having ACL repair on the 20th. I need to move, found a house, new job, but surgery has everything at a standstill. My son hasn’t tried to stay at my place since moving to his fathers. The weekends he spends at ex husbands – same with my daughter.
    121. My emotional abuser, who may someday be my boss.
    122. My sister’s deliverance from depression. She has only known pain her whole life. It manifests into OCD and extreme anxiety that can test my family’s patience. Her name is Miranda.
    123. My stubborn father's physical health. He will not see a doctor.
    124. That my boyfriend will challenge his faith. He believes but doesn’t know God and is afraid to start the next walk God has prepared for him. I want to spend the rest of my life with him but he must know God before me. I cannot be what God WILL be for him.
    125. Help me find the focus and will to pray more and lead my family in the Lord’s way. Help me find the peace I am looking for when dealing with my past pain.
    126. Healing and wholeness in my body, my daughter’s body and my husbands body/mind.
    127. Thelma needs prayers for creating a mission and discipleship in Southern Indiana. She needs grants and people to help serve with her.
    128. My dad is not a believer. I see his depression increasing and his will to live is minimal. I invite him to church with me almost every Sunday. Pray for openness, healing and for God to show His self to Him.
    129. Please pray for me. I had concerning results on a mammogram and have follow up testing on January 26. Please pray for a clear scan, complete healing and wisdom for the radiologist and those treating me. I believe God can fully heal me and trust Him.
    130. Prayer for co workers husband who has been in and out of the hospital with infections. They now have found a lesion close to the liver and think this may be the cause. Being referred to Mayo for treatment to shrink lesion. Prayer for complete healing, peace of mind.
    131. Eric to see light of Jesus. Kyra return to God. Let go of whatever she hangs on to such anger. Cliff and Courtneys walk with God.
    132. Prayers for Diane. She is in need of a kidney transplant. Pray she knows Jesus and that she may be healed.
    133. Prayers for a mother and son. For strength. Son is in prison and waiting on an appeal. Please grant this appeal Lord and strength for patience. Amen - Lisa & BJ
    134. Pray for my 19-year-old daughter. She is very lost. Battling many demons, mental health challenges & suicide attempts. Lots of anger and hatred towards me and separating herself from her family and God.
    135. For my husband's job. It’s incredibly hard and emotionally and physically exhausting. His heart to be protected. The Lord provides wisdom and direction to us.
    136. Healing of hip pain. Questioning and shifting of work and life purpose. Gratitude for growth in personal identity in Christ.
    137. Health, renewed passion for God, healing from past hurts, and joy in all things. Prayer for my mom. Her dad passed away. Thank you, Lord, for your mercy and grace. Amen
    138. That my son would be a godly and strong leader of his family. That he and his wife would not deviate from the narrow path but would stand on God’s word always and above all.
    139. Pray for Larry that he will be physically healed, spiritually strengthened.
    140. Prayers for Kevin Ferrie. He needs encouragement to lose weight, to live a healthy life.
    141. I was laid off on November 1st. I am still unemployed. Please pray for the right job opportunity to come.
    142. Pray for Frank. Let God give him the mind of Christ. Let him get renewed in His spirit. Let his mind be so overwhelmed with thoughts of God that he just wants to seek Him.
    143. Brother Rick needs Christ in his life.
    144. For our son. Currently in prison. Pray that he will look to the Lord for answers. Pray he will find himself in God.
    145. I would love for you to pray for healing and for my left leg pain to go away.
    146. Please pray that my unbelieving son would see how beautiful Jesus is and would seek and receive His peace.
    147. I know God has big, grand things for me. I pray that I’ll be obedient to what’s before me and give it my all. And that I’ll joyfully praise Him in the unknown.
    148. I pray for the healing of those who are in need of it. Lord, I ask you to watch over those who don’t feel loved. I pray you to help my parents love each other again. Lord, you are amazing.
    149. Lord, please give me a healthy baby. I have none. I’d like 4 but for now just one. Please.
    150. Father, heal my mother from all sickness. Amen
    151. 4 of 6 adult children in our blended family don’t speak to us. Some of it is past hurt, some our commitment to Jesus, and some our commitment to each other. We know we cannot fix this. Pray for patience to let God be God.
    152. My husband is in a funk. Help restore him to the person God wants him to be. Growth and maturity for my daughter to be the woman she was created to be.
    153. Doug is needing a miracle. He is being treated for Spindle Cell Neoplasma. His chemo and immunotherapy have not kept it from growing. Please pray that his pleaural effusion (fluid build-up between the lung and the chest) stops. Pray for his medical team as they search for other treatments.
    154. For Charles – Pray to bring or for him to open his heart for the Lord to come in. He says he believes but isn’t quite captured by Him yet.
    155. For S.M. and the struggle, he’s facing. I don’t know what it is but He knows. Be his strength in his time of need and reassure him that he’s not alone.
    156. Please pray for Andrew and Rachel. That their marriage will become stronger and help the kids to learn more about God.
    157. Prayers for my grandson. He will be going to a group home. Pray that he learns to control his temper and other things he is doing. Pray that God overwhelms him with His love.
    158. My boys – may they make good choices as they navigate being young adults. Navigating safely through temptations and next steps. Remind them to lean in and on God first then me.
    159. Pray for my upcoming marriage
    160. My family (Felicia Carter) is doubting God based on how their dad's siblings are showing them who they are. “The prayers of the church prevails” I’m asking for vision to grow my ministry and discipline to step into what God is going to do through me. In Jesus' name.
    161. Pray for my mom and my relationship. Help me to truly forgive and love her where she is at. Help her to love me where I’m at. For us to have a good relationship before she dies. For peace.
    162. Healing from sickness
    163. Asking for prayer for my best friend at Pinnicole nursing home recovering from 3 strokes.
    164. Breaking the cycle of generational curses in parenting, managing emotions, and willingness to change. I know I’m supposed to break the cycle because the attack is real.
    165. Prayer for a co-worker who is fighting acute leukemia. She has had two rounds of chemo and has had another bone marrow biopsy to see if all mutations have been destroyed. She should get the results on 1-6-23. If mutations have been destroyed, her next step will be a bone marrow transplant. Believing in healing and insurance to cover and peace of mind.
    166. Sherry Anfinson found 2 spots on her lungs.
    167. Prayers for my friend my partner's daughter continue to grow into an amazing little human being. Wrap your arms around her and show her your glory.
    168. Please pray for my brother. He is very depressed and addicted to prescription drugs.
    169. Break generational curses of domestic violence. Break those chains.
    170. Rekindle the passion for a relationship with Jesus. Rest and restoration. Mental and spiritual health.
    171. Pastor Q and Angela
    172. Please pray for my husband to receive the full armor of God. He has been faithfully seeking and the devil is still trying to win.
    173. Breakthrough in my depression and mental health, financial increase, community that lives for Jesus 100%, my purpose in this season.
    174. I’m struggling to let go of all the lies, all the hurt and all the suffering. Not from others. But from myself. Every time I feel God has taken it all I allow it back in.
    175. Lord help me not to be lukewarm for you but to burn for your wisdom, love and grace. Please protect my family.
    176. Please pray for my spiritual strength as I face divorce
    177. Health of my brother, bringing my brother back to Our Father, and the personal challenges my husband is going through.
    178. For my wife to continue in her walk to show me to be more attentive and sympathetic to those around me as she is.
    179. New building. Everything to go according to plan. Resources to come. Community to receive us. Building to be safe.
    180. Doctor appointment, health, and good news. Energy to do housework. Better rest of at night. Wake up often uncomfortable.
    181. For my family’s faith to grow, to find their purpose in you Lord. For my youngest to accept love and guidance. To know his father in Heaven and to accept Jesus.
    182. Pray for sick people
    183. Waterloo Schools, Cedar Falls Schools, the children and families, and teachers.
    184. Lord I’m not sure where and why I’m at this place in my life. Did I miss my place? Will I find it? Help me be quiet & listen.
    185. Drugs. Todd & Jen, Adam, Tallian, Kallin, Kolton, Jeano, Chris, Tawny, Mark. Let them follow you, Lord.
    186. That the staff would flourish in their walk with the Father. That they would be effective and bear fruit. That the Father would have His way in us.
    187. As Hope City continues to grow, let it not be just numbers but continued focus on Jesus, making disciples, bringing freedom from sin, and starting and continuing the healing. May we truly be the body of Christ.
    188. My passion to be restored, my children to know God, my zeal to return for my calling, continued fire for my marriage, my ability to focus, and my fight with the lies I tell myself.
    189. My 15-year-old grandson Gage struggles with childhood depression, ADHD, anxiety and social anxiety disorder. My daughter has pulled him out of school a couple of weeks ago due to bullying. Pray for complete mental healing, and pray for my daughter and son-in-law as they try to juggle their work around to home-school him.
    190. As we all continue to draw nearer to Christ, I pray that we all would increasingly see the hurting world around us while decreasing focus on ourselves
    191. Prayer for Lynn and Kurt my brother and sister in Christ. God please bring them through this horrible part of their life that they are in. Only you can do this for them and their son Aaron.
    192. Prayer for a friend who lost her brother a very good friend. God give her peace and understanding
    193. Please pray for Aaron. He needs to feel the presence of God, that God loves him. Please pray for me to listen to God.
    194. Please pray for Mia as she carries a miracle baby in her womb. Pray that this little girl will be healthy and that God will use her in a mighty way to lead many to salvation.
    195. For a better relationship with my mom and for her to stop her substance use. To find a good job and be able to get my own apartment. For my birth family to be safe and come to the Lord
    196. For health and self discipline for my MC group as we strive to get healthy & serve the Lord. Thank you Jesus.
    197. Pray over my brother who struggles with depression and does witchcraft. I pray that all chains are broken and that he sees how real God is and gets to know Him.
    198. My word for 2023 is restoration. “I will restore to you the years the locust ate” Joel 2:25 Please pray for restoration in my health, finances, my joy, my friendships.
    199. Please pray for Joel. He believes there is a God and if he’s good he’ll go to heaven. He will not come to church with me. Please pray he’ll change his heart and will be open to listening. He believes the Bible is just a historical book.
    200. Please pray for Deb. She has lung cancer and needs Jesus to heal all of her (heart).
    201. Pray for my partner and her confidence in finishing things through. I know she can and God knows she can just put it in her heart and mind when she doesn’t feel it as much.
    202. Brother had heart attack last night. Praying for healing, finding his way back to his Saviour.
    203. Amya, Alana, Aaliyah. Finances, Tithing, increase faith.
    204. I need a great job. My unemployment has ended.
    205. Pray for Baby Elise and her family to stay healthy.
    206. Mental health, anxiety and depression, ability to focus on Jesus, press in and believe truth, joy, processing
    207. Prayer for healing in my daughters body. She’s been in a lot of pain from unknown issues. With her being so young we’ve been dealing with some dismissal and slow motivation to resolve these issues.
    208. Prayer over my mom and brothers relationship with God. I don’t think my mom has experienced what it’s like to be loved well despite believing in God. My brother is not a believer at all and carries a lot of resentment in his heart.
    209. Fear of persecution is worse than the persecution itself. Pray for greater boldness in witness this year for me and you.
    210. For clarity in love, relationships, future, everything. For help to keep God at the focus.
    211. Pray for healing and deliverance for a high school girl. Pray she wins the war over her soul and God breaks through to her. Pray her family is restored.
    212. Please pray for my parents who have been married 40+ years and are miserable and have been my whole life. They won’t get help or leave each other and are Christians. Please Lord restore and renew their marriage. Heal the hurts it’s caused for their children too please.
    213. Pray for my friend Kara. She’s endured so much – death of her husband, she battled cancer and is raising 2 sons on her own. She’s a believer, but is in a dark spot feeling depressed, isolated and hopeless.
    214. I feel that I am at a point where I need to make a choice. Believe feels hard and I am tired. I want to feel what others feel.
    215.  I feel like I’m living through one LONG night. I am just waiting for a hope of daybreak.
    216. I see the evil in this world everywhere. It does not scare me, and I know God is with me, but it depresses me. I have hope in Jesus but the world causes my heart to ache over its brokenness.
    217. Strength, love, understanding, forgiveness in the life of my niece and nephew who have been happily married for 28 years. But due to physical illness, death, financial strain, their marriage is falling apart. They need you Lord.
    218. I need to pray for the Lord and to pray for what Jesus would do for us and our love is what we need to pray
    219. Gary & Christ, Kay & Eric, Diane & Eli, Carla – Salvation. Dixie – loss of husband of 62 years.
    220. I’ve been struggling with anxiety and depression more than usual lately. Please pray for healing and peace for flood my mind
    221. Pray for my coworkers young daughter Haddy is in the hospital recovering from her 7th surgery. Fighting off infection. Pray for healing.
    222. My grandfather, aunt, uncle, & brother all died from alcoholism. My sister was raped after passing out at a party. I am well aware that nearly everyone is affected by drugs or alcohol. Pray for addicts and their families to find freedom and healing in Christ rather than self medicating.
    223. Father I ask that you give my uncle freedom from alcohol. He has liver issues and won’t stop drinking. He needs you. Give him the desire to lie and in your light Father. In Jesus name, Amen.
    224. Please join me in praying for revival in the Cedar Valley, in the rural communities, and all across the state of Iowa. Holy Spirit come. Bring an unstoppable passion to this land. Help our hearts burn for you.
    225. My family is struggling in so many different areas, health, work, elderly grandparents, boundaries not being respected, death in the family. I am tired and I don’t feel like I can keep going.
    226. By praying about our life and praying for our health.
    227. Prayer life, Tithes, D.J., Steven – Hernie, Aaron, DeShon Sr surrender life, finances, health, left arm. Sister Maralyn, Charain, Ashley & Amaya, Alana, Aaliyah, Amara
    228. Prayers for me and my partners love and drive for God as we are seeking his arms to wrap around us and continue to bless our family.
    229. In a season of planning a wedding and also looking for a job after deciding to change careers. Asking for greater faith in my good Father who is my rock and salvation and who will provide.
    230. I want to be confident about knowing the voice of God. Praying for ears to hear him and not everything else
    231. I pray for more speed.
    232. I need prayers to quit smoking.
    233. My children are close to coming home and now my husband has fallen back into abusive behaviors. Please pray for God to bring him healing and to know Gods love. Please pray for me to have the strength to do what I need to do and for God to show me what that is.
    234. Pray for Jeremy Eastman. He has been heavy on my heart. Let God's spirit just fill this man's life so that it overflows to all around him. Let God run him down, and overtake him with love.
    235. I need to pray for my family and for God and Jesus and to have a good life and great health.
    236. Please pray that I will be able to get my finances caught up and not have to worry about it. I give them to God. Please help with prayer.
    237. Father, I ask you to be a better person. To know you more intimately, stand firm on faith, and not let anything ever shake it no matter what the situation is. In Jesus' name Amen.
    238. I pray for my life and family. I love God and Jesus. He keeps us safe and loves us.
    239. I am asking prayer for provision to understand what God wants to do. I am interested in going to Norway and I wonder if this is the Lord's plan for my life.
    240. Darlita – lots of health issues. Husband Tyrone – caretaker - health
    241. Please pray for my dad who was hurt by the church because of politics being a big part of the church. I pray that the church would focus back on you Lord. I pray that my dad will rejoin and reengage in the biblical community.
    242. Father help me run toward you. Let my actions bring you praise. Help me turn my life to you. Die daily so I can live with you.
    243. My friend David Downey had their bladder removed, having complications. He needs strength and healing.
    244. My sister and her husband - he has been mentally abusive for the last 6 months to a year because my sister has lost over 150 pounds from being extremely overweight. She does not want advice, she wants him to get help and for their marriage eventually be saved.
    245. Two years ago I had health issues start that extremely affected my mobility. After many dr appts, we never found the root cause to start treatment. I prayed that the issue was brought to the surface if it was meant to be a part of my testimony or healed if it wasn’t. Symptoms left but have now returned again. I’m a single mom and fighting anxiety about what might come in the future and the care of my little one.
    246. Brother Craig needs to find his Savior again.
    247. John returns to God. Touch him in prison. Deliah breakthrough. Review the plan God has for me. His will not mine.
    248. Father restore the health of my aunt's sister Deb. Give her the fight she needs to rehab and get well. Be with my Aunt Cora to keep her from stressing about it all being on her shoulders.
    249. Pray for my friend's mom. She has a lot of health issues and so has my friend. Also, pray for a friend having surgery on Tuesday.
    250. More strength.
    251. The love of God to arrest my husband to the point that he surrenders unto Him. I desire that my husband leads our family as God would have him to.
    252. Father help me lead my house. Help me turn my house into a place of worship. Give me strength to fight for you.
    253. Please pray that I find another job. Help me to deal with the emotions of being fired from my job (wrongly terminated) and 1st time ever fired from a job. Also, pray for my son Cody and Tiffany that they kick their addiction and homelessness.
    254. Prayers for Mr. Barker and his family. God give his grieving family peace and let them know that they will see their daughter again.
    255. I want to send prayers for Damar Hamlin the football player that got hurt last night. Be with his family and fellow players. The value of life is the real game.
    256. Healing for brother after heart surgery. That this brother rekindles his relationship with God.
    257. Pray for an increase in my finances, and guide me on how to be better with money.
    258. Prayer for successful surgery on the 24th of January. I have a hernia sitting just above my navel. It explains a lot of pain I have been receiving. Prayer for recovery.
    259. Praying for our church and pastors, Pastor Q, Paster D, and Pastor Mason and their families and our church family to get back stronger and stay strong. Amen.
    260. Broke my left wrist – meet with an ortho in the next day or so – pray no surgery, only a cast. Complete healing. Eve appts Wed 7:30 All well no surgery complete 20/20. Modules on lungs, healing.
    261. Pray that she finds what she is looking for in God, how/where/when to be present in God’s love for the 3 kids, and she will find peace.