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  1. A sister that is going through cancer treatment. I really don’t know how much support she is getting.
  2. My car situation: Needs to be fixed or need to get a new one.
  3. Prayer for my husband, my kids and for me to get closer to God.
  4. Need prayer for addiction to gambling, prayer for health, finances, prayer for a stronger relationship with God.
  5. Reconciliation with our estranged son, BIL, and kids.
  6. I need prayer for myself, my family. Jerry is in a storm, pray that we may weather the storm.
  7. Pray for my family. Reveal my wife’s true purpose so she can be truly happy. Protect our kids. Wrap your arms around them as they experience life’s challenges. - Thank you in advance. - Amen
  8. Too many family members fighting against God, causing much pain. Please pray for each to have a crisis of faith such that they can no longer say no to Jesus. - Paul
  9. I am retiring soon. Pray with me for open eyes and ears to understand how to use the additional time I have to Glorify my Lord and Savior, Jesus. - Paul
  10. All my children and grandchildren come to know and love Jesus. Be on fire for Him.
  11. Pray for my family as we try to help my son (11) with mental health disorders and personality disorders. Pray that he can be accepted into a treatment center so they can provide him the help he needs that allows God to heal his mind.
  12. For my faith to be renewed after a long battle with my son having mental illness and behavioral issues and becoming a danger to himself and our family. To know God will show himself in this situation and keep us safe and get him the help he needs.
  13. Prayer for my daughter (13) who is suffering from severe anxiety and self-harm due to our son who has behavior and mental health disorders. That she can see how loved she is and is cherished.
  14. Continue to keep my son in prayers, keep working, and stand stronger and bring him closer to God - Nate Matlock
  15. Please pray for my relationship with my significant other that we would grow in our relationship with our heavenly father, honor and serve Him in all that we do as a couple, and develop better communication techniques.
  16. Please pray for my brother that his purpose would be made known to him. Pray that God would make the path he has for him clear and give him wisdom, discernment, and courage to step into his calling.
  17. I pray today for the health and spiritual welfare of my father Alan N. I wish him to have a personal relationship with God.
  18. How to get past the panic/terror-stricken anxiety attacks, and to learn to feel God in those moments. Also to fully trust Him and to lean on Him. I want to know how to run to my Savior.
  19. To continue to fight my eating disorders that have been strongholds in my life since I was 8 years old and hospitalized due to weight and health. It is a constant battle that is exhausting.
  20. Pray for my husband, pray for my marriage.
  21. My newly divorced daughter and her 3 kids (ages 19, 14, 8)
  22. Estranged family, my health, wife’s health, direction on possible move, spiritual lives of children and grandchildren.
  23. My son is leaving full-time school for full-time work and part-time school in a different city. I am twisted up and proud at the same time. Prayers for his ability to do and live on his own with bills, etc. And to be honest, when he needs help to live and do school it is a hard thing for him. 
  24. Strength for Josh - give up addictions, and surrender to the Lord.
  25. Communication improvements with my husband. A greater understanding for how his words may come across and a greater grace from me to not carry the words forever.
  26. Our neighbor Cathy that her shattered ankle and broken feet heal well.
  27. Please pray about getting my rent paid and pray for my husband and me to work out and be together.
  28. Lord help understand what is going on in our world. So much pain and suffering, depravity, little children being sold and mistreated. Lord reach out your hand and stop this insanity.
  29. I’m coming up after being at rock bottom and looking to continue my commitment to Hope City Church and God. Needing a little help to stay on track.
  30. My house has become divided. Someone moved in and is not being accepted by someone in the household. I need prayer for peace to be restored in my home.
  31. Pray for healing for little boy tummy aches. So often and very severe.
  32. Please pray for the transition that my life is going through. My kids moved out and I feel like part of my purpose is gone or maybe even ended, but I just feel confused on what I need to be doing with my life now. I need clarity on what God wants me to do next.
  33. For my uncle and his hard and angry heart will go. I myself feel the presence of God. 
  34. For my parents and sibling to accept Jesus as their Savior to help my brother overcome addiction in Jesus precious name. 
  35. Please pray, I AM an alcoholic. Release me.
  36. Please pray for my kids, they are both moving to go to school/college. Please pray for them to have good and Godly friends to be confident that they are loved by Jesus and that they are always children of God no matter what. 
  37. Father, I wanna pray for my family and that whatever is broken be mended. That they always love and value each other. May we stay under your love and protection - amen.
  38. Pray for healing in my hands and fingers. RA has flared up and it is hard to use my hands. Pray for my family to come back to the Lord, or for their salvation.
  39. Father God, you created us to be in community, with family. Lord, my family is broken. I pray you bring restoration and healing to all our hearts that continue to bleed painfully. I miss my 2 daughters. I miss my sister. Lord, only you can bring healing. It’s in Jesus name, Amen.
  40. Dear Alpha & Omega - we pray specifically for the unbelievers. You are here, you were here and you will come back. Please I pray specifically for my daughters Abigale and Amelia and my ex - open doors for them to see the Holy Spirit working. Help them to believe, in Jesus name.
  41. My mother is 83, has COPD, and is getting weaker by the day. Her lungs are clear, just weak. She needs pulmonary rehab but she is scared. Pray for her to be strong and try rehab.
  42. Amanda who is only concerned about getting pot instead of taking care of her child that did not ask to be born but you allowed to come into this world to serve a greater purpose for you, God.
  43. Melissa Johson’s two friends. Chennay who has an infant with a large golf ball sized hematoma on the side of her brain, mom to start back pumping for breastmilk to feed her. Daughter who will not drink baby formula.
  44. For our church family and grow teams that God would pour out His love, blessing, and truth.
  45. For God’s provision for the building projects for Hope City. For the construction workers. For the design team and all involved.
  46. For our 27-year-old who is struggling with her mental health and purpose and non-christian friends.
  47. For the staff and pastors of Hope City that they experience the love truth and power of God in their lives and families.
  48. Continue to keep my brother Bryan in prayer that he continues to heal and that the bleeding does not start back before his surgery. God, you can do anything but fail.
  49. Please pray for my marriage. For my husband to surrender his life to the Lord and for me to be a Godly wife while I wait. Help my husband to want to know God and pursue purpose through him.
  50. Pray for our country and upcoming election, that we unite and not be divided by evil but united in God.
  51. My son Tayler is dealing with depression. He struggles with anxiety, he doesn’t feel worthy, he doesn’t work. He doesn’t try. I’ve enabled him. Even made his car payments. He lives with us and I fear one day he won’t wake up. I’m so lost. Help me, help him.
  52. Step nieces: Katy - just had surgery for breast cancer. Kristine - alcoholic currently at dream center in DBQ. Pray for salvation.
  53. Prayer for my daughter - clear direction, relief from anxiety, a partner to share her faith with, stability.
  54. Please pray for my marriage. We need help and don’t know where to go. We have lost connection with one another and need to get back to the love that once was. Please God show us the way. 
  55. Pray for my son - break his addiction, become a godly man, bring wise men into his life, lean on God’s provisions, not from others. 
  56. Dear Father God, use me to shine your light in this world. Help those that I come into contact with- friends, family, enemies, the unknown. Help all see You and come to know of Jesus and their salvation. 
  57. Deeper connections in my church family. An abundance of giving for the student center. Open my stepdaughter's heart and spirit to God.
  58. My wife and two of her daughters and my grandson are going on vacation. I pray for a good time, safe travel bring them back to me safe and sound.
  59. Pray for health of all football players, high school, college, pros as the season starts.
  60. Pray that I am able to fully submit to Jesus.
  61. Safety & protection for foster kids - Jersey & Jaxton. Finding God’s purpose for son. Immigration/citizenship resolved for boyfriend. Building strong healthy relationships. Flowing the path God has for me.
  62. As a victim of bullying for most of my childhood and adult life I was able to survive it but the anger still controls most of my decisions. Help me to lean on prayer and let this go. - Brad D 
  63. My grandchildren came up from Florida. Jeff my son is going into the ministry. Pray for him  - Jerry
  64. I know not my future, Lord. What do you want me to do- reveal more of yourself to me. Guide my path and make it clear my next steps I need to take on terms of a job and open the door to new relationships.
  65. My granddaughter is in the hospital with breathing trouble and is on oxygen. She is four years old.
  66. Prayer for my cousin who recently lost his sister after a long illness. Pray that he uses this to draw closer to God and he does not move farther away from God.
  67. My wife and I have greatly overspent and made huge mistakes without means to currently to pay for our foolish and selfish spending. Please pray for peace, learning, growth, and means to work through the pain. I want to love God more.
  68. Pray for my son and daughter-in-law as they are recently married. Pray they know God’s will and follow it as they plan their lives.
  69. Pray for entire family of my cousin who just passed at the age of 45. I fear their sorrow and anger may drive them away from God.
  70. Praying for wisdom, discernment, understanding and clarity (specifically in my decision-making). Praying for financial provision.
  71. Continued healing for my husband. His mind and heart during his current season of mental illness. Pray for restoration of my oldest daughter’s relationship with her younger siblings. Safe travel for our children over the next couple weeks.
  72. Pray for a family member who needs a kidney.
  73. My wife to get pregnant. My physical and mental health. That my children would know God intimately. That I could get my hunger for God and His word back. 
  74. Please pray for our son that his relationship with his girlfriend is blessed by you, that he finds his way back to church, and that your will be done within his work/job.
  75. Pray for complete healing of my husband’s cancer and a clean scan on 8/7/23. Confidence for my son as he begins EMT classes.
  76. Pray for my dad’s health problems. Pray for safe living. Pray that I don’t have urges to smoke and the help to continue to quit as of today. I’m trying to be the man I’m supposed to be. Pray that I need him each day to give me power over addiction.
  77. The past year has shown me many blessings and I thank you Lord. I pray you continue to watch over this church and its staff for many years to come. 
  78. Pray for my daughter and son-in-law to return to God and leave the ways of the world behind them.
  79. Pray for my mother that she overcomes her church hurt and returns to seeking Jesus.
  80. Pray that my brother and father come to know Jesus as savior and pray for my boldness to use the opportunities God presents to me to share the good news. 
  81. As the last year of teaching comes this year after 31 years, I ask for God’s strength, wisdom, love, and grace to be the shield in difficult situations and with challenging colleagues.
  82. Pray for the safety within our schools this year. To offer strong protection for your children and school staff. 
  83. Direction for all ministries at Hope City. My brother Cody to be healed from his addiction. These next 21 days we would all hear from God.
  84. Ray God works way beyond our dreams for money in next 30 days for our kids center.
  85. Praise God for so many being baptized into Christ within this body Pray that many more would see so many more around them that need the healing touch of Jesus and that they would act not just think, for the glory of God. - Paul 
  86. My daughter, Jenna as she struggles with Bipolar Disease.
  87. Pray for children who are not believers, Marie, Dakota, Colten, and Brittney.
  88. Pray for a healing hand for my sons Gage B and Gage W. and give praise for all he has done for my family.
  89. Please pray for my granddaughter and her mother. She has a rough life, dad on meth. Her name is Emily.
  90. I want to pray for my mom, my brother, my dog, my dad, and the women by me. Renny. - Iris
  91. Giving up my addiction to cigarettes. Pray for strength and guidance as I give it up to Jesus. Stomp out the devil's doubts and fears.
  92. UNI is preparing those who will teach our children. Too often, an anti-Christian belief system is being drilled into them. Pray that the spirit who is stronger than the world will overcome this plan for evil. - Paul
  93. Health: negative cancer. Check repeat screening. All negative STD results. Home: more help with raising my boys up to be the church and for our home owning journey. Finances: to be abundantly blessed so I can continue to bless others.
  94. Thank you for my new friend Anita. It has been a pleasure serving with her in Serve the City. Pray that she will heal her back and other medical issues. Put a protective shield around her.
  95. I want to pray for my dad. I don’t know what is going on but God has made it perfectly clear he wants him to be prayed for.
  96. Provision for my ministry. For the healing of my friend Chirs. A harvest we did and didn’t plant.
  97. Father give me all that I may need to continue to pour into Future kids. May my wisdom and my love for you show them faith is strong and valuable to you. Open my heart and mind.
  98. Pray for Izzy as her life transitions to new things. Pray for her spiritual, mental, and physical health in the day and years to come.
  99. I have met a new friend and he has been coming to church the last 3 Sundays and I pray he will give his life to the Lord. Pray to put a protective shield around him.
  100. Father I pray for the future of Hope City that whatever change comes we are able to stay humble and grounded and lead by you. Pray for pastors, staff and their families. 
  101. Join me in giving praise for my wonderful faithful wife of 2 years. She continues to encourage me to be the man of God he has called me to be. Thank you, Jesus. Paul
  102. Illuminate my path, reveal your purpose for my life. 
  103. My health (MS, heart & other issues) as I take care of my husband, who struggles to work.
  104. For my physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health as I'm about step into a really busy season at school. 
  105. For the church staff and families: strength to fight the good fight, safe, secure, authentic friendships, financial, emotional, spiritual, mental, physical health, marriages, children, rest. 
  106. Please pray for a couple of my friends who are both facing very difficult and overwhelming situations. Pray that God will give them wisdom and courage and that their identities would be rooted in their heavenly father. 
  107. Asking for prayer for my food addiction. Asking for a closer relationship with God and focus on Him instead of food. Asking for a breakthrough, restored health as I become a good steward of my body. May I help others in this situation as well. 
  108. Father’s healing, mother’s strength, Uncle Sam’s cancer. My spiritual, physical, mental and emotional strength as my father’s caregiver. Divorce and loss of job (recently). My son and daughter’s spiritual relationship with Jesus to be revealed. 
  109. Continue to strengthen the children of God here at Hope City. Wrap your hands around them and love on them wholeheartedly so they can continue to do your work. Give them the strength to move mountains and lead the way of our kingdom.
  110. For everyone here needing healing in Jesus name. Spiritually and physically. Hope City as a church family trusts God in offerings.
  111. Pray for my mom - was to have hip surgery. She fell on her bathroom floor. She is at NorthCrest to get her strength back. She can’t stand or walk. Pray she will finally get the first alert button. Pray for salvation.
  112. Pray for Ray Ray. She is in jail. Father allow your presence to let her see that her way is not working. Break the stronghold.
  113. Addy is a teen girl I work with. Her brother and her mother shared with me that she has been self-harming by cutting. This last episode she had sent her to the hospital and they kept her for 5 days. Addy is returning home tomorrow. Please pray for peace, healing, love, and restoration over mind, heart and spirit. Please pray she finds community in Jesus; and she and her parents make it to an in-person service at Hope City so we can love Addy back to life. In Jesus' name, Yeshua the Ancient One.
  114. My son has a lot of anxiety and anger. Please pray that he can find peace. His name is Jason and he has autism and MR. Please pray for my sister. She hurt her knee and is going to the Dr. tomorrow.
  115. Strength for our Hope City Church home. For all the trials ahead of us. Persevere in God’s path.
  116. Pray to lead my son back to our church home for those who know his need in his legal problems. Pray for a Christ-filled path.
  117. Father pray for Melissa’s heart as a friend to this mother. That she will understand a true friend will always do what is right and just.
  118. Dear Lord, continue to bless and help and guide and provide all of Pastor Q’s needs. Anoint him with love, justice, and righteousness, and power to lead his flock to make a difference in our community. Bless, protect and love Angela, Jonathan and Kaylee and Larry through the power of the Holy Spirit.
  119. Pray for a spiritual mentor for a newly saved brother, healing for dad's shoulder and knee pain, the right home as my parents look and sell theirs, financial increase and breakthrough, and provision for a large car expense.
  120. I don’t want to sound selfish but I personally need prayers. Please God help me with my right knee. I am in a knee brace. It hurts, please help me bear through the pain and healing.
  121. Pray for me to help my significant other overcome their addiction. Pray for me to gain the strength to work through my own mental health.
  122. I pray for all to become one and know the truth from within. Christ moves through all of us. Jesus, we thank you for family throughout the world, sisters and brothers.
  123. I pray the NFL Minnesota Vikings and Kirk Cousins does well and makes it to a championship. Help me and pray for my anger and my autism.
  124. Prayers for my sister to become stronger in faith and her health. She can not walk nor take care of herself. She wants to remain in her home. Help me to help meet her needs God sees. Not my way but the King's way.
  125. Please pray that my sister-in-law and her kids find a house in Cedar Falls so the kids can stay in CF Schools. Pray for a house with a basement and backyard fenced in.
  126. I pray for the church to keep growing. I pray for Pastor Q for giving a message to the church and I can relate to and take action in our own lives and all the other Pastors.
  127. Please pray for my Father's stroke recovery. Spiritually, mentally, and physically. And for my mother too.
  128. Please pray for clarity and relationships. Next steps for work. Am I living out His purpose for me, in the right location?
  129. Please pray for my son Elliott. He is pretty obese. I pray for His emotional, spiritual, and mental health. Pray he makes better decisions and he looks to Jesus for strength.
  130. Please pray for my daughter's spiritual recovery. She’s so distracted by worldly things. God open her eyes and ears to hear you. Keep her safe. Help her seek Jesus. Her name is Natalie.
  131. Pray for our financial cup to overflow.
  132. Q and the rest of the ministry staff are under great pressure as they shepherd us. Pray they would be strengthened with wisdom and ability to overcome the attacks of the evil one, particularly health related. 
  133. Anoint Pastor Dustin with power and justice and righteousness and love and light. Protect and care for him and his family. Provide all he needs according to your glorious riches through the Holy Spirit and name of Jesus.
  134. Praying for financial breakthrough in the entrepreneurial area so that I may pour into my community work. Praying that Jesus will use my work for His glory and press His Kingdom into it.
  135. My dad has been diagnosed with Alzheimers.
  136. Total physical healing and financial help.
  137. Need prayer for a family member who is being evicted from his home and has nowhere to go. He’s made many poor choices in life but always acted like he was okay. Now it’s coming to a head.
  138. Grown daughters each going through different hard situations. Praying to finally get some peace through all this. Also to become closer to God. 
  139. A friend has lost most of her eyesight. Praying for the best eye to be able to get better by the grace of God. Praying for a MIRACLE.
  140. Pray over me because I am going through a lot and a lot of PTSD from getting sexual abuse from my own father. Jesus let me be at peace.
  141. Thank you Jesus for Pastor Q, D, Mason, and Drew.
  142. Continued healthy pregnancy. Some concerns with baby's growth and having extra tests.
  143. Strength, courage, safety.
  144. Pray for the strength and growth of the production team.
  145. Jesus is the ultimate healer and even though Drs say there is no cure for what is in my blood I plead the blood of Jesus over my body and so I will be healed. In Jesus name Yeshua Yahweh.
  146. Lord I pray for an awakening and miracles as we head towards our new church building and that many will come to know you as what seems to be the end days. Fill us with your Holy Spirit. Help us to stand strong.
  147. Please pray for the next phase for my family - move, work, the time spent devoting our lives to God.
  148. Sister and brother in law to have hassle free finish on their “loop” trip on their boat. No more delays.
  149. Pastor Jesse Tink is having heart surgery tomorrow.
  150. For a new line in our new home. Hope, my children will get into the Lord. For the church. For the church to get all that it needs.
  151. Prayers for brother to not lose pension due to USF Holland filing bankruptcy.
  152. Protection for granddaughters in the new school year. Also for all children in Cedar Valley & the country. Safety for them & teachers.
  153. I pray for my daughter's safety. I pray for healing and I pray I learn more about the Kingdom.
  154. Son and daughter in law - total surrender to God in all areas of life.
  155. Prayers for Maria that Dr was able to remove tumor on brain completely. No more cancer in head or lungs.
  156. I need my want for Jesus back. Pray for a Christian man in my life. Don’t want to be single anymore.
  157. Thanks Jesus for dying for me. I want to pray for my mommy. Heal her.
  158. My family and that God would guide and lead us through some big life choices.
  159. God we pray for all those who feel sad, lonely, and alone. Like they have no one to turn to when in need. Encourage them that they are never alone for you are always with them. Encourage them that they are enough for you provide all that’s needed. Thank you that you are enough and you are with us always. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
  160. Vulnerability about financial situation. Ability to ask for help and learn and do what is needed for greater peace and a future of generosity. 
  161. Please pray for all those in our community battling addiction. I pray they find their way back to Him and given the strength and hope to overcome.
  162. Iris’ knee, Pastor Q, Pastor Angela, Timina’s mom, mommy.
  163. To have my family healthy. To have my soul be at peace with my abuser.
  164. For acceptance of my son's death. I just can’t grasp it.
  165. My family, that they would continue to seek you. That they would feel your presence, that you would continue to reveal yourself. That my brother's addiction would break in the name of Jesus.
  166. For the Lord to prepare the perfect job for me after Grad school (Therapy). Pray for good pay, good culture, good benefits, mentorship, impact people, culture of self-care and balance.
  167. Shyanne - salvation, deliverance from depression, her family. Breakthrough the shadow, burn like a fire.
  168. Pray that I would have an overflowing love for God and others.
  169. Please pray for the souls of the lost, who have not found the love you gave freely. For those here for the first time learning to know the grace of the Almighty God.
  170. Pray for all the men being served through Rise Up Sundays. Reach into the lives of those dealing with legal barriers. Release each one.
  171. Please pray for me as I try to get my house in order. I am a single mom of 2 boys, 19 and 12. The 19-year-old has left home and I’m not sure if he is doing as well as he says. Pray he finds his way back home.
  172. Break the chains of addiction. 40 years for my grandma & grandpa. Jesus has the final say.
  173. Please pray for those who are in need.
  174. Pray for a special friend Jackie who was recently diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  175. My family can grow closer together and feel loved.
  176. May God be honored in our schools this school year. Put a Jesus follower in every classroom in the Cedar Valley who will make a positive difference in our community for the Kingdom.
  177. Help with getting my mind so I can hear the Holy Spirit speaking to me.  
  178. My brother Jordan to get sober.  My brother Ryan to get sober. My left knee to heal. My neighbor's knee surgery to go well.
  179. Pray for the strengthening of our Hope City Church “in reach” to the women in the Women's Center for Change - help them see God as we share with them monthly.
  180. I get justice with some of the things that happened. That my soul and spirit reconnect with community and family. My family to be connected and healed from their illness, cancer, mental health and physical health. That I can connect with more leaders so I can help be the church.
  181. Pray for me to overcome my drug addiction and help me gain my will power to stay sober.
  182. Pray for the state to realize its flaws.  Especially when it comes to the 6th and 7th protected parties, single parents and the mentally or physically handicapped. 
  183. I pray for the knowledge of God to work through me. I pray I reflect a good child of God. I pray about my anxiety to stay at rest so I can get more out of relationship yet to come.
  184. My dear friend Christine Rolf. She has stage 1 cancer and is in the process of scheduling surgery and treatment. Please pray for these initial surgeries to be the only ones she has to have. Entirely destroy this cancer.
  185. Praying for a heart of obedience, a heart of repentance, and a heart full of the love of Christ.
  186. My family is living on one income right now and have had some car troubles and medical bills come up. Pray for stewardship and provision.
  187. I would like prayers for our country and the people who live here. That healing will happen and we again can be united. We call all strongholds canceled.
  188. Help me set boundaries with my grown kids.
  189. To start the ministry that God has placed on my heart years ago.
  190. For the church to feel the joy of the Lord and all that He has done and continues to do.
  191. Prayers for our Iowa foundations - those in our community, our region, needing God's leadership always.
  192. My aunt as she battles cancer. Take away all anxiety. Let her surgery be clean and remove all tumors.
  193. Prayers to a friend Jamisia recently diagnosed with MS. Please lift up a single mother of 3.
  194. Praying for divine focus, vulnerability, kindness, integrity, humility, and strong convictions.
  195. Please pray for my ex-husband and children. That they would come to know Jesus as I have so they can have the healing and peace only He can give.
  196. Strength, courage, safety.
  197. Max - Father you know what he needs.
  198. My change, the understanding of how it works. Hope in my struggles with addiction. Meet good people.
  199. That my father becomes a kinder, more loving man. That he seeks God and changes for the better.
  200. Pray for my friend Lisa and her family. They are going through so much. Let your will be done in their family. For strength to get through these hard times.
  201. God I love you. Love Londynn
  202. Please pray for my 30-year-old daughter who has a 2-year-old baby girl. She is homeless, no job, alcohol and drug addiction. She will not stay with her parents. Pray for God’s healing, provision, direction, and protection over both of them.
  203. Salvation for co-workers, Joni, Connie, Leasa. And neighbor Missy.
  204. A friend who is being released from prison soon to be looked after, to not go backwards, but to see the glory of the Lord.
  205. Pray for my siblings to be saved. Niece and nephew to turn from homosexuality and be saved. Cynthia’s son too.
  206. Sister has a tumor. She lost her husband to cancer 1 year ago. She is 83. Pray the Drs get all on August 17.
  207. I want to pray for Aria, Camryn, Miss T, Miss Deb, Miss Alyssa, Pastor Q, my dog, Randy.
  208. Family needs a change - an abusive daughter, low income. Pam to stop worry and trust Jesus - her marriage.
  209. Lord, thank you! Continue to look over my life as I start a new beginning.
  210. Please pray for Jill Bugart and her husband Jermey as they lost their daughter Landri in a bus accident this week. Physical healing for Jill as she had 2 surgeries this week from injuries in the accident. Please lift up all of their family and loved ones. 
  211. I have a friend that struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts. She knows God but I would still like for people to pray to take away these negative thoughts and have her be reminded that the devil will NOT win.
  212. I am desperate for my parents and siblings to reconnect with the Lord and to find a church home. They need a Christ-centered community around them to spur them on to deeper and more intimate faith.
  213. Father, I need discernment concerning a specific man. Is this man a Godly man that you want me to get to know? I need to hear from you. I do not want any man. I want your best man, God-fearing, filled with your spirit, doing your will, serving, blessings, and spreading your Gospel. 
  214. Prayers for my family's financial and car situation. We are down to one car and I truly know the Lord is holding us, but prayers for financial provision would be so appreciated.
  215. My husband's anxiety and depression.
  216. The staff at Brownstone youth services. They are a new center for troubled children in Black Hawk County. The staff are amazing and are such a blessing to the youth that need support.
  217. I pray for my school, Hudson. For my teacher and classmates.
  218. For my family to come to know God in a new way - the healer, redeemer, the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
  219. Prayers for this next season of my life, for God's direction, refreshment and focus on the right things. Prayers for our house, finances and marriage.
  220. Bring a future husband, financial increase with living expenses going up, deeper, fruitful season with God after having a dry season.
  221. Strength for Kara, healing for Gage W, safety for Gage B, stability for Aden, Kadei & trust and hope for Jaxyon, Jazlyn, love and comfort for Deonia, love for Charlie.
  222. Pray for hearing for a 19-month-old girl. She has limited hearing so speech is behind.
  223. Elijah - salvation and his family.
  224. Total healing of hips, legs and feet.
  225. For my extended family, healing from mental illness.
  226. Future generation. Let You lift and fulfill their heart. You have the power.
  227. Pray for my family, friends and loved ones. Special prayer for my nephew Anthony. He had a stroke and is not going well. I pray for him everyday so I’m asking for your prayers. That God will make a way. I trust that He will.
  228. Please pray for Jen & Korey. May the chain of addiction be broken and hope found to keep going. May they find and know the grace of Jesus.
  229. My husband is using drugs again, seeing other women. He says our marriage is over. Please pray for God’s will.
  230. I'm in the women's facility and I am having trouble finding a better job due to my criminal history. Something better paying and that I stay strong.
  231. Please pray that my pregnancy goes well and that my baby is born happy and healthy.
  232. Personal - discipline/healing for compulsive/anxious & impulsive behaviors
  233. Praying for peace. Praying a pure and sound mind. Praying that I remain in step with the Holy Spirit.
  234. I want the city of Waterloo to feel the love of Jesus.
  235. Please pray for a client I have that lost her 5-month-old daughter in a traffic event out of her control. God wrap her in your love as she navigates life without her daughter.
  236. Pray for our daughter and grandchildren. That they locate a church home where they live in Florida. Support, prayer, sharing. We all need others.
  237. I pray that I can restore my life with Jesus Lord of it all.
  238. Prayers that my son's business would pick up so he can retain employees
  239. Father, please take away my feelings of inadequacies & comparison. May I be content with who you made me to be and not try to be what everyone else wants me to be. In Jesus name.
  240. For a wonderful couple from Hope City who are struggling in their marriage.  That they can overcome the things pulling them apart.
  241. Pray for a young boy, “K” is his name.  He is having behaviors, bring healing to him and his family.
  242. Praying that one day I’ll own a home.  That I will be debt free.
  243. I pray that a revival starts here in the streets of Waterloo all the way to CF and starts all over in the other cities.  Everyone praising Jesus and praying and spreading the news to everyone, everywhere! I pray lives are changed and hearts are moved and so many people confess Jesus is Lord.
  244. Pray for a deeper walk with God, in the word more. Heal me Lord inside and out. Heart longs to be married. For Christian man whom I can serve others with and grow deeper in faith with and that I can love and grow old with and travel with.
  245. Our family’s financial situation. I feel so helpless and lost on how to not feel like we are drowning.
  246. Deliver anyone contemplating suicide.  Heal their heart and soul. Bring them to your presence by the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ name.
  247. Healing of bulging disc and all areas it is affecting.
  248. For my best friend. She is having a transfer to have a baby girl. She has lost multiple babies but also has 2 amazing boys. Pray for peace, success, and a healthy baby girl to complete their family.
  249. Father, I am asking you to watch over this 3-week-old baby. That her mom will take this baby to the ER and get her head, the golf ball sized lump on her right side, checked.
  250. I pray for strength and healing for Kyra with her new clean life
  251. The new building fund. Bad habits, Grandson’s first year of high school.
  252. Can you please pray for my mental health? It’s getting to the point where it feels pointless. Pray that God helps me out of this hole of darkness. I’m doing everything I’m supposed to do. I don’t get it.
  253. Pray that my ex-husband would come into a relationship with God, repentance, eyes opened, ears opened, hear God's truth so he can be saved. Soften his heart.
  254. Please pray that God will heal Bernice of a brain tumor. Safe surgery, her comfort and her family.
  255. Make our God of the universe Lord over ALL and to be Lord over all of me and the small group MC I am involved with. The middle school girls and leaders. (Kathy, Frankie, Shaniya, Kayla) and everyone who steps into our middle school girl community and my family and loved ones.
  256. Praying for those that have been called by God to go into full-time ministry.
  257. Pray for my little brother. Let him get health, love and peace, that God removes anything that is not godly and hindering him.
  258. Prayers for my father Alan as his health has worsened. May God put his healing hands on him.
  259. For secure housing and income for my family. Emotional and mental healing for us all. Healing from depression and anxiety.
  260. Father I lift Pastor Q and Angela and every person on staff at Hope City and their entire families. A special prayer for Drew and his wife.
  261. Please partner in prayer with me for strength and wisdom for a mistake I made and the consequences I am dealing with now. I feel like I ruined everything and put a hold on my purpose. I am ashamed and sad and regretful.
  262. Pray for Desert, he is lost
  263. Pray for Cathy. She is experiencing breast cancer. Her mother died of it.  Her 2 daughters got it in their early 20’s. She is 57 and is just now getting it. She has a foundation where she grants money to survivors. Her kidney is affecting her care.
  264. Tommy in prison to know God.
  265. God, sharpen my mind, strength, arm strength and leg strength.
  266. Arthritis in my left hand and fingers. Left wrist was broken - healing complete in Jesus’ name. Complete healing in nodules on my lungs in Jesus' name. Prayer for unspoken requests in my life.
  267. For my family to know God, know His heart, His love.  That we would lose the desires of this world and seek you with all our heart. Healing.
  268. Pray for all the men we reached through the prayer and worship at Anamosa State Penitentiary in June. Help those men walk out into the world with us here at Hope City.
  269. I need to be needed… just as You need to be needed by us!
  270. Father God, you are most awesome and knowing each of the hairs on my head. Knowing me personally is an honor, a gift. Thank you! I want to be healthier physically and mentally so I can do what you have set before me. I pray for will-power over my diet and exercise. I pray for mental health, strong and confident. My body is a temple. Help me honor it as you would have it. In Jesus' name. Amen
  271. Dear Lord, Thank you for being my cornerstone and for all the blessings in my life. I humbly ask for financial health as I begin a new life and career by start a new business. Let your power come to this business so you may be given the glory to all who is touched by my work. It is you will, God. I ask in Jesus' name, Amen
  272. I feel all alone in life. I keep trying to seek God. Going to church and bible studies. Outside of church I live alone and lonely. I am unemployed, I get interviews but not being hired. I’m 40, never had a girlfriend…I need a spouse/family. I’m not sure God cares or when will God provide. 
  273. Prayer for how we can serve individuals reentering from all of our Iowa prisons - men and women help them walk out into the loving arms of God. 
  274. My daughter to stay steadfast and for protection (living in a new city). My son to be bold and confident, for my family to love God with all of their heart, mind, soul and strength. Energy.
  275. My aunt is battling cancer. She has gone through rounds and years of chemo and she’s tired and experiencing so many side effects. She has four kids still in the home. Father have mercy. 
  276. A friend is in labor right now. Jesus be with her and her husband, let the baby be healthy, please God. Bring joy. Bring health and mercy for that family. 
  277. For my upcoming surgery, wisdom for the dr & team, joy in the midst of pain, quick recovery, financial provision, and favorable outcomes. 
  278. My sister-in-law needs Jesus. Unhappy, mean, bitter. Her daughter needs prayer too. Katy, Kristine.
  279. Pray for every student who walks into the classroom to feel safe and loved. Pray for every teacher to see the light that they can share to each student. Pray for a safe and refreshing year. 
  280. Pray for former coworker. He is battling cancer for 2nd time. He needs healing, but his heart needs it to be saved, but bitter. His name is Chad. 
  281. David he is young and an alcoholic. He seems to be trying to kill himself. He needs Jesus. Nice kid, just lost. 
  282. I am so selfish in my marriage. I have let my spouse take care of so much that they shouldn’t have had to. There are so many years of hurt. Layer upon layer. They don’t know how to fix it. I don’t either. Are we at an impasse? Where do we go from here? 
  283. Please pray for me to have focus in faith, health, loving myself, and the right people. Keeping my priorities on Him and things that keep me close to him. 
  284. I have been hurt & rejected so many times in my marriage. And many times before that by other people. I don’t know if I have it in me anymore. I don’t know where we go. I feel like I don’t know where to go next. I don't want to separate. I don’t want to continue to be rejected. 
  285. Pray for my family. Because God loves you. You are enough. 
  286. I pray for Dean. He accepted you as his savior and was baptized. He grew so much in his MC. He had to leave for a while. His faith is struggling. Bring him back to more than just Sunday church. Get him back to know your love. Help him develop a relationship with you.
  287. I pray for Christian. Lora a year ago he was in with his new faith in you. Take him back to that. Bring him back to community and church. Show his MC how they can reach him. Help heal his heart. Help him understand the depth of your love for him. You have not left him. You have not forsaken him, bring him back Lor. He’s lost and needs you. 
  288. As EmmaGrace starts high school surround her with new friends who are positive influences, who love and know You. Help her to be a positive influence, not a follower. Help her to feel your unfailing love. Show her the areas you’ve given her leadership skills. 
  289. Pray for God to bring me the job/direction he wants for me. Also for provision. Please pray for healing & deliverance & provision for daughter and grandchildren. And for God’s decision on saving marriage. 
  290. Heal broken relationships. Financial stability. Closer walk with God. 
  291. Pray for my fellow lead people at my work. We are in the trenches with the employees, let God give us wisdom and love to our co-workers and share the light of Jesus. 
  292. In need of prayer for God’s covering. Protection and blessing upon my life and family. I am praying to serve the Lord if full time ministry here in Tijuana, Mexico. Praying over guidance, doors to open to serve and everything is needed. 
  293. Incurable cancer. 
  294. Dear God, Thank you for sending your only son, Jesus. Love, AvaKate
  295. I pray for Nick, that he would come to know you in a personal way. The he would start coming to church with his wife, that he would be able to have faith, even if he doesn’t see everything intellectually. Help him understand. He loves to research and look up multiple sources. Shome him your unfailing love. 
  296. Lord, please be with my friends and family who don’t believe. Show them how great you are. I want to be with them in heaven. Show them your light. 
  297. Pray for my pregnant mom. You are loved. You are enough. 
  298. Pray for Mary Fankhause has breast cancer sees a surgeon Aug 15th. 
  299. For my father’s health (Clair) as he recovers from eye surgery and prepares for a second procedure on the other eye. 
  300. Break our hearts God. Strengthen my love for people. Spiritual strength for mom and dad. Physical healing. My husband repentance. My purity and spiritual strength. As I wait for your next instruction. Thank you Lord for Bernice’s successful surgery. 
  301. Praying for God to move in my kid’s daycare. To increase finances and for a new building. Also for her son and to guide him back to God and to stay out of trouble. 
  302. Pray for my dad to know God. He believes in “something” but he sees all the “bad” and “ how is there a god when…” Show yourself to him God. 
  303. Grow my faith strengthens me mentally, emotionally, physically spiritually. My marriage is in your hands, pray for restoration. 
  304. Pray for my sister, may she be free of addiction.
  305. Lord, I pray you place me where you need to be to stand in the gap to be the church to help those that are broken. Lord, may you strengthen my heart so I’m better equipped within you to carry out my purpose and lead as many as I can to you in your name, Jesus. Amen
  306. For the church response to people who are trans. May we love them without trying to change them. May we love like Jesus. May we trust that the Holy Spirit will give them their next steps, that’s not your job. Our job is to love. Help us, Lord, it's new for some of us. It’s confusing. But we are called to love. Let us show your love and be known not for condemning but for welcoming and loving. 
  307. I don’t trust my husband. I can’t figure out if it is PTSD or if it is really happening, I just want to be free. 
  308. 3 of 5 Americans under the age of 30 describe themselves as lonely. How would the world change if each of these was brought into a loving family like Hope City. - Paul
  309. Thank you Lord for the dedication of the singers and musicians. Respectfully there is so much beautiful music out there from all genres. I pray for the music ministry. Those in control of the selections have a heart of flexibility so we can reach the world and all the different cultures through song. 
  310. Max hearing, swape, meet business, getting in church, salvation, surrender, baptism, relationship
  311. Please help to make an important decision - relationship, school
  312. Pray for my sister. She has to make some hard decisions in her life right now
  313. My 16-year-old daughter struggles with anxiety and depression. Please pray for her to open her heart to Jesus. She accepted Him in her heart at 8 but she says she doesn’t believe in Him or heaven anymore. I know she needs Jesus like we all do especially to help with her mental health.
  314. I'm in a place in my life where I’m confused on my purpose. I've opened for God to work His will in my life. I'm asking if you would pray that God will make it clear to me what that will is for my life. That you for being a blessing and praying for me.
  315. Please pray for my brother and his wife to accept Jesus and become saved. Also for my friends Nicole and Steph. They are lost and need to be found.
  316. Bridget - abnormal lump on her breast. Pray for it to disappear
  317. I have some health issues.
  318. Kathy - need prayer for friend. She fights depression. Pray she opens her heart and mind to the Lord.
  319. Father God, my wife and I are asking for the blessing of a child. We want to build a family together and share your love. In the name of Jesus.
  320. Please pray for my brother. He was going to church but hasn’t lately. Please pray that he would deepen his relationship with God and that he would meet godly friends.
  321. Healing in left shoulder. Pray for transportation to and from work until I get up on my feet. Please pray for stamina and strength to do my job at Tyson. Thank you Jesus.
  322. I pray for my friend since I was 15. Alexis Martin. May you heal her, cover her heart and mind. Help her to let go, Jesus. I pray for a renewed attitude about who she is and that she truly lets go of her old ways and dives into you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
  323. Lord Give me peace about the house through habitat for humanity and trust in the waiting. Lord give me peace about my finances. Ease my heart of the lack of a partner in the household. Send help for me, boys & I. Ada
  324. Please pray for wisdom for my job. I was offered a potential promotion but I’m not sure I should take it or not..
  325. That my family will come closer to Christ.
  326. Pray for me to have a calm heart and soul and to stay focused in school. To watch over my family and keep love in their hearts.
  327. My friend Joe does not have a good work situation. He is a skilled machinist. Please pray for stable God-honoring work to support Joe and his family - Paul
  328. That my children Leah, Brenna, Zion and Maliek will each find Jesus and live their lives for Him.
  329. Pray for my 2 sons to surrender their hearts to the Father. Pray for my daughter-in-law also to surrender. Pray for me to listen to the Holy Spirit instead of myself.
  330. My client Dorothy has very bad back pain that she's been going through for years. She's had several surgeries. I’d like prayer for her healing. She is a believer.
  331. Prayers to strengthen the Rise Up Group. Protect them and guide their steps. Asking for transformative love. In Jesus' Name.
  332. My husband and I are in separate houses fighting for our kids. I am handing my marriage over and praying for it to be restored and kids returned. The enemy has a stronghold on my husband. I pray God works in him. He is loved.
  333. I know that a lot of us struggle with addiction and I pray for my sobriety and others sobriety.
  334. Father, teach me the way you have for me. Show me the path, guide my steps.  Protect me along the way. Corey
  335. I pray for my home that God will find me a nice home. I pray for my family, the Vonmoore family to get back together and pray that Blake my roommate finds you and that the Holy Spirit feels are. In Jesus name
  336. For the safety of my son in the Feds and the wisdom to do right. 
  337. Guidance, bring me closer to the Lord, light the fire in me.
  338. Please pray for my friend's daughter because his mom is in a coma and doesn’t know if she will make it.
  339. I would like prayer that Dan finds his way out of this heartbreaking situation and that his mother can get well. I know it's hard bro, but God’s got you.
  340. My brother and dad that they would have eyes and hearts to receive freedom, healing and joy through Jesus. Lord encounter them. Speak to them, let them have changed hearts and lives.
  341. Lord, I pray for my friends and family that consistently remain lukewarm in their faith. Non-practicing and thinking that they are all good. God you’ve chased me down and I fall to my knees in faith for you. Please let them feel the amazing love and grace you have for all of us. Please pray specifically for my daughters Abi and Mia, my ex Dan, my friends Carla, Manuel, Bob and Amy, Chris and Sergio and my sister, Yvette and her family. In Jesus name.
  342. The network, Lord, dismantle that madness. Please pray that God gives those peace and what they need so that they can stop preying on people with their hate and jealousy.
  343. Prayer for Vonmoore family and Anthony Sr - get a good home and the rest of his family.
  344. Eric to believe in Jesus.  He believes in God but says it's hard for him to believe in Jesus. Unspoken for family member health. Family come to God
  345. Pray for Honnesti M to seek God's power to stop using drugs and step into her destiny.
  346. To understand the questions and find how to stay connected when he called a 22-month-old child to his arms
  347. Jesus I pray for my dear friend and sister Brittnay and her unborn child. I know she’s feeling all the emotions and beating herself up for falling into temptation. I pray she knows you love her and you have her covered in Jesus' name. Amen
  348. I pray for your will and for you to change his heart and reshape his mind and pray he surrenders to you. Break him Lord! I pray my soul tie to him will be broken and in the waiting I put all my trust in you because in your time Lord, you will make it happen, you know my heart Lord in your name Jesus. Amen
  349. Please pray for courage to speak in public sharing a piece of my story September 16th. As it’s something I’ve never done and Tara said we as Christians need to share the good, the bad, and the ugly. Pray I reach hearts and lead people to Christ through my testimony. 
  350. Lord bless and protect every person on our grow team. The enemy gets busy when your servants get active, I plead your blood over them and strength so they never tire but also to rest when needed in Jesus' name, Amen.
  351. Finance relief, my boys find their relationship with God, relationship with boyfriend.
  352. I need prayer that God will help provide a roof over my son and my head. That he’ll give me the funds to move and provide food, furniture, air-conditioner, washer to use as well. While I continue being sober, training at momentum and strong. My mental health is weakening so pray for that as well.
  353. Pray for strength to fight the sin of lust.
  354. I’m struggling with anxiety and depression. The fight has been long and I could use some help from the Lord to give me the tools to get through this for my family and myself.
  355. I have an interview this week. I want to make the right decision in my life. I am praying that God will point me in the right direction.
  356. I have surgery on Monday. I pray for peace as I accept what has to be done. I pray for protection and strength to get through the healing and financial stress that comes with it.
  357. Please pray for my wife. She has grief from the passing of her mother. That God is there for her, that all she needs to do is turn that grief and sadness over to Jesus.
  358. Give me strength to put away the alcohol and shine like I know I can.
  359. Pray for my mom and me that we stay together and never part again. That we get our new home and things we need. Plus keep her strong always through our tough times.
  360. I pray that all addicts find God and become free to make decisions without barriers. I pray to God to stop human trafficking.
  361. I pray for peace for my husband and I in this season of heightened anxiety. We haven’t been able to live life to its fullest for a little over a year. I pray that you would show us the path and the light in our darkness.
  362. Pray for the people in Hawaii whose homes have burnt and their livelihoods destroyed. Lord, for the lives that have been lost and the family and friends that now will have to pick up the pieces and live on. Amen.
  363. Pray for the East High renovation that is at hand. Baseball field and area. The kids deserve it. Thank you.
  364. Please pray for my long-time friend Keisha who is 40 years old who has battled 2 forms of cancer.  During her second battle she lost her husband. Keisha has 2 boys in college and a mother with longtime mental issues.  Please pray for her.  Amen
  365. Good grades, friends and family, to have fun at game nights, nintendo switch.
  366. Please pray for my youngest son’s mom that she can put our son before our (she and I) relationship. I want to see my son, be there for my son and for my son to not ever wonder if his dad loves him. I have forgiven her, I just want her to find compassion and selflessness for our son.
  367. I work with kids. Some days are hard. Please pray for focus, strength, patience, love, joy, and guidance. I pray I am leading these kids His way.
  368. Pray for my cousin's mom who has just learned she has cancer and has to start chemo soon. Also for her husband who has memory issues and their family. In Jesus' name, Amen
  369. Prayers for a single mom working hard for financial stability and freedom.
  370. Father, please mend my broken family. My cousin needs to make things right with his son so he will stop missing out on his grandkids' lives. Let them both put past mistakes behind them in Jesus’ name.
  371. Help AvaKate have a great kindergarten year. Give her teacher a great, small class.  Help her meet friends who are positive and love you. Help her love learning. Help her be kind and loving. Help her adjust to her new sleep schedule. Help her show people your love.
  372. Dear God, help momma with her foot.
  373. Lord, I pray over my finances and how to handle my finances as a single mother trying not to fail her boys, herself and serve others. Please touch my mind, heart and soul and work in me to better use what you give me. In your name Yeshua, Jesus Christ Amen.
  374. Continue to pray for my family, my children - Todd, Jeff, Jamie. Pray for a relative, she has cancer in her breast. - Lori
  375. Pray for all the students at East High.
  376. My prayer is that God shows himself to my husband in such a way my husband quits his bad habits of drugs and lust.
  377. Pray for the other woman in my husband's life.
  378. Please pray for God’s wisdom, guidance, and a blessing with a job interview. Pray for an open door to a future of God’s purpose. I've been waiting for the Lord to bring to me what He wants.
  379. For a kid named Bailey I work with who is the age of 10 struggling with her sexual identity and her family supports her exploration.
  380. Pastoral staff, leadership and their families. Future kids and all God has in store for them
  381. I pray I will stop gambling.
  382. Prayer for a closer walk with Jesus, deeper faith and trust. Continued connection with the Holy Spirit and serving God.
  383. My friend Max: hearing that you would answer. Pray about Ralph Bartling. I love you Father.
  384. I'm in my first Christ-centered relationship. I pray for our purity, strength in prayer to avoid all temptation. Allow the Father to be magnified and glorified in our relationship.
  385. Pray for a clean cancer check August 23rd, no surgery, no new findings. Pray I be healed in Jesus name. Pray for God to bless me with the right words to speak and peace to do it and move the room September 16th. - Ada
  386. For my cousin that came today as he battles cancer and mental things in life.
  387. Pray for Duchess to know she is safe and protected by God. Pray for Natural to know his strength is in God, he is safe and protected.
  388. Please continue to pray for my marriage as it has been in trouble but appears to be looking up. Praise Jesus
  389. Thank you Lord for my health at 55 years old. Thank you Lord for bringing me to Hope City Church. Give thoughts to be leading men's bible study.
  390. I give you all the thanks and praise Lord. Thank you Lord over and over again and again. I love you Lord.
  391. My friend Crystal has been in my life since I was born. She died Thursday and I am having a hard time. I have her little dog. I pray and I am crying a lot. Jesus is in my heart.
  392. Pray for Heidi to receive revelation from God about who Jesus truly is. Amen
  393. Cheyenne Cinken Family - oldest son gets a job. 2nd son - mental health healing.  3rd son - succeeds at present job and school. 4th - 7th children grow and thrive, protect, meet needs. Provide provision, strength, guidance, health, peace, hope, joy, and mental stability through the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus' Name.
  394. Ask the Lord what we can do to help Chelsea Miller through the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus' name. Amen
  395. God promise to be near broken hearted. Psalm 34:18 Young man Shane’s and Caleb’s family. These young men recently took their own lives. Pray for peace, comfort, salvation and hope through the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus' Name. Amen. Rebuke evil spirit of suicide in young men and women in our community and world.
  396. Becky Smith Family - 1. Son and husband to get along and prosper in a new business 2. Friend Teese - help comfort and healing (dying of cancer) 3. Friend Darlene - healing and a new home are needed. In Jesus Name.
  397. Pray for the injustices in this world, injustices that separate us from your great and eternal love. Please rid this world of hatred, of bad weather, of illnesses, of death of persecution, bullying, of anxiety and chaos, of laziness and apathy of every ugly thing in this world. In Jesus' name, Amen.
  398. I pray for wisdom and strength to rid of insecurities. I need the Lord's help. Finances, trust, parenting, I want a godly marriage with someone, job, friendship (I want friends), vulnerability.
  399. Give God the glory! My niece Lissa had her business partner pull out causing considerable expense and the end of the business.
  400. Please pray for my son James to have a wonderful 10th-grade year (no bullying) Amen
  401. Prayers for the Crowe Family - loss of a pet, defiant children, humble hearts, void them of greed, presence of God in their heart, love wholeheartedly without condition
  402. I am praying for my sister who has denounced her faith and our relationship. I ask for God to work in her heart and spirit.
  403. Jesus as our shepherd John 10:11 I'm a good shepherd. I lay down my life for sheep. Tend, herd, feed the flock, guard and protect. I can trust Jesus Psalm 55:22 Cast cares on the Lord. God carries us through my pain. Jesus cares about me Peter 5:6-7 Humble undo Gods Mighty hand. He will lift me up in due time Isaiah 58:11 Will satisfy my need in scorched land. Take thoughts captive. God leads in areas I trust Him Numbers 14:24 Caleb follow me wholeheartedly God wants all
  404. My mom who has been a widow since 2021. Life without my dad is lonely for her and I pray she is at peace and can rest in her current situation.
  405. A baby
  406. Please pray for Chase (20) and Wyatt (17) that they accept the Lord in their lives and live a godly life and make godly choices.
  407. Please pray for my children and grandchildren that they will come to know the joy of Jesus. Send your Holy Spirit to guide me always.
  408. Alex - a young man searching for answers in all the wrong places. That his searching will lead to Jesus. Areas of addiction, kids in five seasons trailer court
  409. Please pray for my friend Samra Kurtovic. She's of Muslim religion and is 6 months pregnant and lives at home with her parents even though she's 25 years old. They still look down upon becoming pregnant before marriage or having a boyfriend without knowing. They haven’t met her boyfriend/childs father and my friend has been with him for 2 years. She's hesitant because he's a black man and she's bosnian. One of her sisters has told her, her family will disown her and she will be thrown out of the family home. Her sister also has told her to get an abortion and told her she’s a disappointment. Please pray for strength and courage for my friend to tell her parents she’s pregnant and please pray for a different/positive outcome rather than what her sister spoke over her. Please pray that my friend doesn’t believe she’s a disappointment or that she should be cast out of her family. Please pray she knows she’s loved and that we serve and pray to the same God and He won’t allow her family to break apart. In Jesus name Yeshua Amen.
  410. Pray for spiritual growth. Help me to remember who He is and who I am with Him in my life. I am never alone!
  411. Please pray for my mom. Please pray for her happiness, her joy, her protection and her health. May she find comfort in the Lord and strength. Please pray that she be blessed with many more days in Jesus name.
  412. Miracle for marriage recovery - T & J Divorced after 30 years
  413. All the prayer requests on the stage. My safety traveling. Safety of my parents. Uncle Jessy’s health. My health. To make better decisions about eating. Help me to stop eating junk.
  414. I pray for my girlfriend Val and I to find peace and a future, soon to be able to join our families, kids lives, and love under God for Him, us and our kids.
  415. Pray for strength for me as I fight for my marriage. The devil is trying so hard to take it, My husband is far from God right now. Pray for him to come back to Him.
  416. Robins surgery. Mama worrying about finances. God to guide me into the future with contentment and trust in Him.
  417. Please pray for my dad James to be released from prison. Thank you Amen.
  418. I pray for my kids' mom that she may find peace, love, and God. To be more focused on raising children rather than her anger, her self, and non-Christian ways.
  419. I pray for my son and that his focus is on being a better young man and finding better friends. I pray for him to find love, peace and respect in his relationship with me.
  420. Have son that is running from the law. Pray he comes to his senses for himself.
  421. That I get one of the 3 jobs that I asked the Lord for. Or if there is a better one that He sees for me. That me and my children get back to being close. Family reunites.
  422. Help me come up with a prayer routine. Help me to stop comparing my pain to the miracles I have read about. If I can find my purpose I can then reason my past
  423. Have friend has MS, pray for healing to Jesus, help me.
  424. Pray for Chuck, Lori, Nikki and family. Chuck and Nikki lost their son CF to gun violence. He was 25. Lori wants us to keep their family in their prayers.
  425. Pray for our church leaders
  426. Potential relationship - James Pearson in Ames. If he is not a Christian, active relationship with you. Make it known and move him out of my sight. Amen. Thank you in advance
  427. Pray for Will Gaskins. He has attended Hope City 3 times and still something is keeping him back from fully saying yet to the journey of Jesus. Pray for the Holy Spirit to move in him and for him to choose Jesus. Amen.
  428. I pray for anyone of my church family going through anything that they haven’t laid at your feet. I pray they let go and give it to you and know this community is fighting for them and with them. That every one of them is loved and here for a purpose. Amen - Ada
  429. My children Natalie and Elliott. Spiritual growth and focus, purity, repentance. Jay too. Heart restoration to God. Pray for Tammy, loss of brother.
  430. Thank you Lord for Mark Caden’s testimony. It hit right where the Holy Spirit intended it to. I pray for Mark’s continued sobriety and that he continues to save/help others through recovery. Amen.
  431. My friend just got arrested. Please pray for peace, wisdom, and that they would come to know the Lord.
  432. Please pray for my nephew who has gotten himself in trouble with the law. Please help him to use this situation to change his life and turn to Jesus and repair his spirit.
  433. Please say a prayer for my friend at my job who is having troubles with his wife and family. Please help him defeat alcohol and find his way to Jesus.
  434. James Preason, want to know God, he is Catholic. Father, I lift James up to you and his 14-year-old son. I gave him the church link on Youtube. Father give me the words to say, draw him to you alone. Thank you in advance. I’ve invited him to church.
  435. I pray for my dear friend Larry. Nothing specific but just pray for protection and comfort over him and his entire family.
  436. I need prayer for me learning my worth and not to do things with myself for others.
  437. Father God - you are most awesome and knowing each of the hairs on my head.  Knowing me personally is an honor, a gift. Thank you! I want to be healthier physically and mentally so I can do what you have set before me. I pray for willpower over my diet and exercise. I pray for mental health, strong and confident. My body is a temple. Help me to honor it as you would have it. In Jesus' name, Amen.
  438. We are living with a friend for now but we haven’t given up on faith. At times we don’t know where we’ll end up. I am standing next to her. She is running from domestic violence and can’t see her own kids because of this. We need some help anyway possible. Thank you.
  439. Please pray for my job to reveal its true purpose. Please pray that these financial chains be broken in order to support myself, my children and give more. Please pray that my debt be cleared in Jesus' name.
  440. Please pray that I would grow in my trust in the Lord and in His grace. Pray that the chain of extreme perfectionism would be broken and that my mind would be at peace.
  441. Pray for my friend's family. They are trying to steal from each other. It’s causing a lot of stress on my friend. Pray he finds his way to wealth, he’ll use it well. I also want a wife.
  442. I’ve felt angry, sad, and confused. My parents don’t get along sometimes. I'm also missing our family dog who was sick and died. I wish he was alive. I also miss some friends and want to be with them again - 7-year-old Charlotte
  443. Asking prayer - complete healing of left hand and wrist. Nodules on my lungs. Complete healing, physically and spiritually. Thanks
  444. Pray that God uses me to make a difference in the lives of others. I want to be a better person and turn away from my sinful ways.
  445. Finding new church home and remove distractions. Refresh my spirit to press on in Jesus' name.
  446. I need strength to fight for healing in my marriage. My husband isn’t saved and has jealousy and anger.
  447. Please pray for my co-worker's mom. She has to have tests and biopsies to see if she may have cancer. Heal her in Jesus' name.
  448. Dan Miller (father), Bruce Miller (father-in-law) Jon Miller (brother-in-law) Debi Miller ( mom in law) Brea Miller (sis in law) Seth Miller (brother-in-law) Dom (9), Dyl (8), DJ (7) Dax (5), Dash (2), Dakota (8 months) Chad Fifield (soulmate)
  449. Please pray for my spiritual growth and focus. Pray for Aaron - had a heart attack, may be brain damage. Daddy’s stroke recovery. Uncle Jessy’s heart and kidney.
  450. Pray that my 3 daughters reconnect with Christ
  451. Father, I want a husband to love me like you love me. God fearing, active in church, stable. Let him see you in me. See beyond my scars, faults. Remove my fear of rejection. Remove all that is not your will. Give me a heart to forgive lust, pride. Humble spirit. Love for all I come in contact with, share you, my testimony of your unconditional love. Amen.
  452. DJ is now living with his dad. He needs your protection, mercy, grace. Take captive all his strongholds. Remove all those in his circle that want to devour him. He is your child. Bring him back to you. Just spare his life. Amen.
  453. I pray for healing with cancer. I pray for a job you want me in. I need to get my life cleaned up.
  454. For my son Ryan and his girlfriend Casey and their son Ravon. They do not know Jesus.
  455. Please pray for Michael and Brian. Spots were found in both of their lungs. May they be wrapped in the healing arms of Jesus.
  456. Let love be our motivation. Help me be a light to family and friends. All leaders professing the name of Jesus. Give them genuine surrendered hearts.
  457. Father I need your discernment in this man Ralph Bartling. Is this your man a godly man that you want to get to know me? I need to hear from you. I do not want any man. I want your best man, God fearing, filled with your Spirit. Doing your will, serving, blessing and spreading your Gospel.
  458. Lord, I pray that you put all of the victims of human trafficking in your hands. Provide them with a safe harbor. Let them know they are not alone in this world.
  459. Pray for Pastor Q and Angela’s daughter Kaylee as she is moved out of state. Be with her to stay in your word and love. Be with them to love and trust and still parent her from afar in Jesus name.  Amen.
  460. Mental health as I continue to have thoughts about suicide. My marriage as I feel like I don’t see a future.
  461. Please pray for my team at work. I became a lead at work and learned a lot about my co-workers. Please be with them as they handle their lives. Fill them with your love.
  462. Newly divorced - pray for my purity. Healing for parents. Uncle Sam, Bernice, Aaron
  463. Praise report - awake for Aaron up and talking. Uncle Jessy going home tomorrow. Thank you Lord.
  464. Lexi’s marriage as she stands trusting God. Her spiritual growth. My children's spiritual focus.
  465. Pray for teachers this upcoming year. They stay away from worldly teachings.
  466. My sister, who is dating a married man. Save her God. Change her heart and thinking. My family, children’s spiritual growth, husband's salvation.
  467. Give “Child Evangelism Fellowship” the Holy Spirit power and leadership and workers to take gospel into every school of our community in Jesus name (need Director, board members, workers) At Cattle Congress Booth. In Jesus name your will be done. Amen.
  468. Dear God, Jesus, Yahweh, Yeshua - On my way to 21 DOP there was an accident.  It looked pretty bad. It was located on W 9th by Hometown Foods. I’m not sure if it was a man, woman, or child that was hit but by the looks on the faces in the crowd that was drawing it had to have been bad. So Lord I just pray that whoever it was that they be healed and saved in your name Jesus. I pray that nothing major is wrong and I pray it wasn’t someone's child. Lord, I pray all people involved are OK and if they aren't right now I pray they will be. Father you are the ultimate healer and decider. Lord, cover whomever it was in your blood Jesus. In your glorious name I pray Amen.
  469. Dear Jesus, Please forgive me for choosing the world's view of comfort. You know I struggle with sexual sin however now when I backslide I feel disappointed with myself and I know I’m hurting you and that makes me feel horrible. Please help me to be free from the soul tie I created with (you know who) Please help me to be still and trust that in your time the one you have for my boys and I will come. I also struggle with knowing what to do when it comes to him because I can see him struggling with who he is and questioning whether or not to confess you are Lord and Saviour. I see him upset and in pain over losing his mother to cancer and he blames you God. I pray for his heart to change but also I’m allowing him to treat me like trash but still have access to my body.  Lord help me still pray for him but to let go of the sinful bond we have. I know the longer I entertain what and who isn’t for me I delay what and who is for me. Please help me let go of any worldly ways and love you more God. - a single mama