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  1. Continuing my walk with God. Help me to feel strong even at my weakest. Teach me how to pray.
  2. A wife for Patrick and college money for Daniel
  3. Grant Mason wisdom in running the youth group from 2 locations. May the number of kids participating double by the end of the year.
  4. The new church is about to open with 2 locations. Bring peace, cooperation, wisdom, patience as we learn to run from 2 locations. May it all be paid for by the end of the year.
  5. Lord of all, teach us what you want us to pray. That your will may be done on earth as it is in heaven.
  6. End of division in our culture and government. That we would come together, call on God to heal our land, then send out workers to be the hands and feet of Jesus.
  7. Retirement is 2 months away. I wish to spend the time I used to work glorifying God through prayer, worship and action. Pray God would lead me onto His path for His glory.
  8. 5 of our 6 children are struggling with anger and acceptance of past wounds. 4 of them do not speak to us. May they be healed in the blessed name of Jesus.
  9. Pray for my healing with oppression, complaining, and anger. Tear down the dark walls and replace it with forgiveness and His light and love.
  10. Break the chains of resentment and lies over our children, grandchildren, and family.
  11. JN was released from prison. Pray he commits to Hope City in a big way.
  12. Pray for guidance and speed in finding a home.
  13. DD has been in ICU for 10 days. She just got off the ventilator today. Pray for no long term effects, strength, and total healing.
  14. Prayer for Hope City staff, new building, and Dream Center.
  15. Prayer for my sister. Healing from an abusive marriage and for her to know how loved she is by God.
  16. Prayer for my husband, for him to fully surrender his heart to God. This is my third year I have prayed this. God has been working, but my husband's not there yet.
  17. Prayer for my son Kayden. For him to stand firm in his faith, to never let go of Jesus, to have life giving and God loving friends. For him to do well in school.
  18. Prayer for my daughter's Brooklyn. Praying for Jesus' loving friends, for her to stand firm and God's love, and to be confident as a daughter of God.
  19. Casey is having surgery. Pray for speedy recovery.
  20. Pray for my marriage as it has worsened the last few months. Pray for healing of my health.
  21. Prayer for Shyanne and baby boy's salvation. She is in the House of Hope. Pray that she stays and God puts strong Christiab women in her life. 
  22. Please pray for me to have courage and confidence in myself.
  23. Please pray for guidance regarding my finances.
  24. For my children to complete the will of God in their generation. For my health to be right and my body healed. For my wife’s womb to open.
  25. Healing in marriage. Deliverance from nicotine. Wisdom over a business opportunity. Financial freedom. Help me with my unbelief.
  26. Friend has had her life turned on its head recently and needs strength to push through. Needs to rely on God not external sources.
  27. Please pray for the courage to stop smoking.
  28. The courage to lose weight.
  29. Please pray for more self discipline in my life, that I would live by the spirit and allow God's power to work more and more in my life.
  30. Pray for (I). She is making bad decisions and is going to be removed from her current group home.
  31. Healing of my “worldly way and wants.” Free me of my financial debt chains. Keep me from wasting what you so freely give. Renew my trust in you and those around me.
  32. Please pray that Chase and Wyatt find a relationship with God and become godly men to provide for their future families. Protect them from evil, provide them with proper relationships and humble hearts.
  33. Please pray that it may be all of who God created me to be. Take away my insecurities, provide wisdom, clarity, courage and trust. Lord, I want to love and accept love fully from a man who loves you more. Provide me that partner.
  34. Play for my daughter's mental health. She struggles with anxiety as well and fell away from the Lord many years ago. I know He's pursuing her and I pray. She stops running and starts to trust and believe once again.
  35. I am praying over all of the children in my life. Asking God to cover them and protect them. I need wisdom and help in guiding them in the right path with God. Also in helping them have their own relationship with him. I need help as a mom.
  36. Play for the development of a worship team to travel into Anamosa State prison and for other opportunities.
  37. Dear God, thank you for your love. Jesus, help me choose joy and love people deeply. I am too selfish, I wanna see others like you see them. I also ask you to increase my capacity to serve and lead as you called me too. I'm also desiring a new car - blue SUV self-start and reliable. Thank you, God.
  38. For wisdom and discernment in the way God wants me to go.
  39. I just wanna get prayers about my bad dreams and my family. My dad because he has been smoking and coughing. I just wanna make sure that he's ok. Thank you.
  40. Father, Be with my family. Those who don't believe in you. Cover our going out and coming in. Keep us together and anything that is not right, make it right. Allow us to value each other and say I love you. Amen.
  41. Grow our Grow teams so we are ready to grow your Kingdom. Be with all the churches. God keep them under your watchful eye. Amen.
  42. Father, grow my business. Be with me and my employees that we can handle whatever you bless us with. Thank you for your provision and guidance. Amen.



  1. That I can grow more in my faith and be confident in it.  Not to let my mental illness make me feel like I am not worthy of love.
  2. Please please pray for healing in my marriage.  There is much love but my husband cannot let go of old pain to allow our marriage to BE again.
  3. My prayer for pastors and leaders is that they come to you with honest hearts, honest minds and be willing, open and ready for you to move in them Lord before they make any changes or decisions.
  4. Please pray for my children.  They are struggling with forgiving us, their parents.
  5. Pray please for me.  I have pending charges due to drug use.  Asking for mercy and the ability to continue moving forward past this terrible mistake, onward in my beautiful sobriety.
  6. God would you bless my marriage, our house and bring health.  I pray you would build a strong foundation with my husband that we would love each other well and love you with all we have.  Bless our minds and our voices.  Bring mental health to us and heal the anxiety and depression in our household.  Reign there.  Amen.
  7. Pray for my cousin that her body would be healed and bring her family to a saving grace.  Thank you Jesus!
  8. Pray for our church and for safety and protection from evil.
  9. My friend Diane Derifield has been in ICU for almost 2 weeks.  Today they transported her to IA City.  She has Influenza A, lung problems and has been intubated most of the time.  Now they think she has tracheal malaysia.
  10. Father, I ask for forgiveness for being slow in reading your Word.  Father, forgive me for lashing out at people with my tongue.
  11. Pray that my daughters and their significant others will open their hearts to Christ.
  12. Me - Putting God first in my life, biblical understanding. Husband - that God will draw Him, repent, live for God. Daughter - Purity, spiritual health, grow in God. Son - Health, New job pray for coworkers, lab work to be normal, purity. Father - Healing from stroke, to stand. Mother - Not be anxious about finances. Siblings - Health, spiritual growth. Uncle Sam, Pat, Diane Derrick, Dee, Vanessa - all hospitalized, pray for supernatural healing, cancer, heart failure, heart health, stroke.
  13. Prayers for our community to have a better 2024 than 2023.  For our young people to know Jesus and our elders to want to teach and listen to them better.
  14. Prayers for my son who is in jail.  I just want him to walk closer to God.  Not only when he’s locked up but as well as when he is on the streets.
  15. I feel lost. I need His guidance.  I want to find my path to Him.  I don’t want to be afraid of His light.
  16. I pray for my place of employment - Legacy Littles Christian Early Learning.  I pray Jesus sends us the right family to fill the need we have in our daycare, preschool, and after school position.  Lord, I pray they arrive right on time.
  17. I pray for my coworker Kayla and her PTSD.  I pray that her walking out of work today makes her run to you in prayer and lay all her worries and hard feelings at your feet and she returns ready to glorify you.  Amen
  18. For the women in my marriage group.  We have all had an extremely hard year and have all been broken.  That we can find our strength as women through Jesus.
  19. For my brother who I don’t even know if he believes.  That he finds God again.
  20. That my son will come to know God and develop his own relationship with Him.  That he is safe while on the road.  Amen
  21. Prayers for our son in law who is “failing” his middle child, 16 years old son needs acceptance from his dad.  Dad has no relationship with God.
  22. Lord lift up our daughter and grandchildren as she parents alone.  Help her realize she needs a church home.  As she was brought up in the church.
  23. I’m asking for prayer for my 11 year old son.  He has extreme behavioral challenges and lives in a treatment center.  This is his last opportunity to get help before the law steps in.  We are scared for his future if he doesn’t start turning things around.
  24. I am having a hard time with my faith between social media and all the different opinions on faith.  I feel I am lost.  Afraid to believe the wrong thing.  Not sure how to have a relationship with Jesus.  How do you have a relationship with someone you can’t hear?
  25. Help me praise God for who He is, not what is happening.
  26. Pray the passion started with the Men’s movement would continue to blaze brightly.  May apathy, contentedness and busyness be crushed in favor of God honoring men.
  27. My family needs prayers.  Our son doesn’t live with us because of behavioral issues and he has caused a lot of hurt and emotional damage.  We all have trauma from it.  It feels like the enemy is trying to break us all apart.
  28. I need prayers as a mother.  My child has had mental disorders for 6 years and my life has been dedicated to saving him from himself.  His behaviors are worse than ever and I feel like I failed him. 
  29. My friend Tom is struggling to understand grace, preferring to work out his problems.  Pray the veil of misunderstanding would be removed and he would not only embrace the gift of Jesus but also lead his wife Cindy to the feet of Jesus as well.
  30. Pray for more and more effective opportunities to witness, to use my story to help others embrace the great gift of Jesus.
  31. Pray for the passion, the hope, the joy, the spirit that characterizes Hope City would spread to many other churches both near and far.
  32. Salvation for 300 M Buddhists, 800 M Hindus, 1.4 B Muslims, 2+ B Seculartists, Tribals, 1 B Communists.  Please pray.
  33. Prayers for employment, schooling.  I’m trying to listen and hear God.  Please guide me.  Thank you for always being my family. 
  34. 2023 was hard.  Lust is hard for me to let go of.  It's hard for me to not enjoy it.  I want that part of my life to change and be over with.  It's a desire that I have but know I should let go.
  35. New me. Let the old me fade away.
  36. Father please be with my friend Dee as she fights breast cancer.  Keep her strong and faithful to you. Let her have the fight, support she needs. In Jesus name, AMEN.
  37. I wanna pray for Izzy that she learns to step adulthood, womanhood without learning the hard way.  Help her make better life choices.  Be with Gery as he helps her too. Amen.
  38. Pray for the youth at our church that as the numbers continue to grow that they allow God to work in their lives and to increase their faith.
  39. Please pray I can break the chains of addiction.
  40. May everyone of us be drawn to a specific time each day to pray, to read the word and worship our King.  Let 21 days become a lifelong lifestyle. 
  41. Pray for my friend.  The strength through Jesus to quit smoking.
  42. I haven’t been a good husband.  I haven’t been a good friend.  I haven’t been the best father to my children.  My marriage is falling apart.  My soul, my spirit need healing.  I have hurt my wife with words and action/inaction.
  43. My wife and I are expecting another baby.  Pray for a deep love for God from a young age. Pray for health, safety and comfort for mama and baby.
  44. Pray for our church leaders as we transition through all our changes.  Please keep them humble and faithful.
  45. The foundation of my youth was a friendship.  He was my best friend for 8 years.  We were in love.  Inseparable.  I’m learning that it was a lie and that I was not important to him.  I am lost.  I feel like my entire life is a lie.
  46. We desperately need a new car.
  47. Please pray for me to find a good job.  I feel I need a change.
  48. Pray for my daughter and son-in-law to return to Jesus.
  49. Prayer for my father as he continues to regain his health and strength.  And for continued healing as he struggles with his health issues.
  50. Pray for Israel and all the innocents caught in the crossfire. 
  51. Be praying over my fiance and her family as her grandpa has recently went on hospice and has terminal cancer.  Pray for their strength and receive the Lord and her grandpa Bob to have God’s love.
  52. Please pray for a peaceful end to my marriage.  For God to heal my heart and lead me in the way He wants me to go.  For God’s will, guidance and direction in my life and for the right job opportunity.  For strength and courage as I walk into a new chapter. Also, deliverance for my daughter Kayla from drugs and alcohol and to be a good mother.
  53. Prayer for saving knowledge, salvation for coworkers, Connie and Julie.  Prayer for my children and grandchildren to follow whole-heartedly after Jesus.
  54. Breakthrough prayer life.  Reading the Bible.  Loneliness. Contentment. Finances.  Battle of my mind.  Slow to anger.  Seek you first.
  55. Prayer for GDM leadership.  Pastor Q and wife, kids.  Mayor Hart, Governor Reynolds.
  56. Pray for Gage Bondy, to let the Holy Spirit move in his life.
  57. Weldon Jones - for healing, strength, courage.
  58. That this year will be every bit as good as last for last year I was reunited with a lot of family and friends and would love for that to continue.  Also had a few family members baptized and would love to see more this year.  Thank you and may you be as blessed as I have been.
  59. The family of Betty who passed on the 2nd of Jan.
  60. Pray for the men in our church that they continue to strive to become manly men of God.
  61. Pray the support of HC helping to “walk out” of prison into the community….Rise Up. Meet individuals in re-entry - welcoming, caring.
  62. Pray for my granddaughter that she looks to God before she makes decisions in her life.
  63. Praying for financial breakthrough.  Need an influx of cash by January 15th.  I need the presence of God to live out the abundance that He has endowed me with.
  64. How to bring my family closer to God.  I’m afraid to push them away because someone with the best intentions did that to me and I don’t want to push anyone away.
  65. Prayers to stir our son’s heart and faith in the new opportunities in front of him in 2024.  Choose God, choose life in Him.
  66. Lord, help all Hope City growth and development as we move into 2 campuses. Help us know how to remain ONE BODY.


  1. Father, be with my little brother,  that he may grow up and leave the street life in the past. Show him your love and glory. Let him believe you can free him forever. Amen.
  2. Pray for my friend’s salvation, Tinea, and for me to lead by example.
  3. Pray for my friend T. She’s in an abusive relationship but stays. Pray for strength to leave
  4. Prayer for clarity in such a time of transition and upheaval. Gun violence, school shootings, and deaths. Over political division and wrong information. Help us all.
  5. So many teachers are hanging in. Pray for them. Strengthen them. Lighten their loads. Give them helpful support.
  6. Pray for wisdom as I look for a new job for the next school year. That it meets the same salary and matches benefits. I feel sad but feel called to leave my current position as a teacher.
  7. I am 22 and my lumbar spine is the condition of 60-70 years old. I am in pain constantly, and fear it will only get worse.
  8. Please pray for my mom. She has a grief filled heart after losing her husband of 51 years. She is also experiencing physical pain in her back and leg.
  9. Trust God will place my husband and i in an MC. That it will draw us closer to Him and lead us in how/where to serve.
  10. My friend “Kimpi”. Nong Kim’s family. Pray that God will provide a way out of Burma. They are in danger.  (Religious persecution). Plead to God for mercy for this family in Jesus name. Thank you. Amen.
  11. I am just asking that you will pray for my mom’s heart to be softened. That she will seek the Lord, find peace in Him, and trust in His will.
  12. Pray over my mother. She is battling depression, anxiety, and fear. She loves God, pray healing over her mental health, and strength to fight through the valley.
  13. Please pray for the Webb family. Their daughter was teaching at Perry High School this morning.
  14. Arrieonna - Protection, guidance, safety, to have faith.
  15. I'm fighting the same legal matters right now and i just ask for prayer of protection and favor and not to leave my daughter or my sister. Thank you.
  16. For healing of trauma from my parents, my mom especially. For success in my new chapter with school and after in my career. My family’s safety and healing.
  17. Please pray for my relationship with my son in law. It’s tense and I don’t know how to make it better. We are both believers. This has gone for 9 years.
  18. Lord, may my eyes open to the things that matter to you. Give me more and more of you. I seek you. Amen. 
  19. Prayer for clarification, courage, strength and God’s healing hands on my marriage. It’s a battle everyday and I’m afraid the devil is leading it to divorce because it's easier and fear of too much damage to the family.
  20. Love for the intentions of the Hope City community. To grow in love and grace in serving. Listen, hear and act on the needs of others!
  21. My family could use prayer with medical and dental expenses. A lot of it is not covered and it’s adding up to 31k.
  22. Praying for my coworkers and job. Short staffed and managers are getting burnt out. I pray that God will send the right help and bring them to Jesus. Also to touch the owners of () and open their hearts towards their workers.
  23. Help me to forgive my husband for making me feel unworthy. He doesn’t know God well, so he doesn’t know love well.
  24. I am just asking you to pray for my son’s mother. That the Holy Spirit will fill her house and bless her marriage. That the unforgiveness that holds will be broken by the name of Christ Jesus.
  25. Tonight I ask that my friends be covered throughout this journey of motherhood. May they find the strength, patience, resources, love, and support that they need to thrive in motherhood. Love on them as they learn, grow and heal.
  26. Pray healing over my family, all of my siblings are addicted to drugs and alcohol, even my father. They know God but keep giving up on Him. Two of them are battling homosexuality. 
  27. Josalyn Wurzer - 6yo with a brain bleed, an chronic infection. She’s at the IC Hospital.
  28. Prayers for direction in my life and for my housing situation (renting or buying and where at).
  29. Please pray over my mind for healing, I’ve been through a lot of trauma and I’m trying to fully surrender to God. It’s been hard when old friends, even my family, still see me as that person. I need a great community like HC but I’ve been afraid.
  30. Pray for my children.
  31. Please protect us and guide us. Please help us find a way we can be together now to eternity. Please bless us and love us with open arms and heart.
  32. Pray for us as we decide to buy a home. It’s sooner than we thought, and we’re not sure if it’s the right decision.
  33. Lord, I pray you help me stop settling for crumbs and puddles. Help me kill my flesh and die to self. I haven’t fully surrendered my desire of being a wife and I give in to impatience. Please help me be still and trust in you full Lord.
  34. Please pray for my words, and reactions with my boys. Lately it’s been more of a struggle than usual with them and I’ve been crying when they go to bed because I’m tired of being the only parent.
  35. Father, watch over Alex’s dad as he battles with cancer. Be with Alex. Give him strength and comfort through these times. Amen.
  36. I’m asking God to make a breakthrough in my family. Asking God for spiritual healing.



  1. Healing from recent cancer diagnoses and comfort for family.
  2. Prayer for my grandbaby.  Baby’s mom has lost babies during pregnancy.  She is only weeks into pregnancy.  Also guidance in the lifestyle of parents.
  3. I am in need of prayer for my family and myself.  For peace in my home, for my child's father to stop using drugs and whether us being together or not.  I need prayer that he gets help or wants to seek help.  I need prayer for myself to be strong enough to make the best decisions for myself and my kids.
  4. Praise for my spiritual mentors - Lord allow them to speak and disciple. 
  5. Pray for Grandpa Cohnson - knows that Jesus can help. Iris
  6. I pray for my school (hjh).  I pray over my family.  I pray over the people in this church and every person in it.  I pray that God shines a light through all darkness.
  7. For clarity and provision for our family
  8. Please pray for a safe affordable place for me to live in Waterloo or CF
  9. My husband and I have been trying for a family and have had no luck.  It has been weighing on us emotionally.  We have each other to lean on but it is such a touchy subject for me personally that I struggle talking with others who may have gone through it too.  We need prayers for strength.
  10. My cousin is living a dangerous lifestyle and I’m constantly worried for her.  We are very close and I pray that she accepts Jesus one day.  She recently found out she has a brain tumor.  We know no further details.  I see her struggle and desperately wish she knew God how I know him.  The strength, the unconditional love.  I pray that He really moves in her life.
  11. Pray for my mom who at the age of 58 is going to prison.  Pray that she is protected from any health problems but also will grow closer to God during that time.
  12. Father I’m seeking. My heart is heavy because of how Melissa is taken or not taken care of. Father, help me to love past the hurt and anger.
  13. I pray for abundant health, wealth, peace, joy, love and radiant blessings for all the world.  Let everyone who seeks salvation find it!
  14. The Craft Family - They have lost their oldest daughter to a brain tumor.
  15. Prayer for my addiction and sinful ways.  Prayer for God’s control - not my own.  Selfishness
  16. Prayer for Peterson Family and their son.  He is in the hospital with an urgent need of prayer.
  17. I just ask that you pray for my dad.  That he will open his heart to the Lord and receive the love and healing that’s in Christ Jesus.  I am asking for a full transformation that only He can get the glory from.
  18. Pray that I don’t get dizzy anymore
  19. I ask that you pray over my path.  I’m going through a big transformation in my life and as long as I keep faith and believe and trust him I cannot fail.  As I walk into prison I ask for protection and healing. If that is God’s will.
  20. Pray for Iris, Grandpa and Grandma Cohnson. That she will always be loved by God.
  21. Pray for my 19 year old daughter.  She has battled mental health issues for years and toxic people in her life.  She became pregnant 1 1/2 months ago.  There was much shock and uncertainty but we were helping her navigate and trusting God with this gift of our first grandchild.  Over Christmas she lost the baby.  We are all heartbroken and confused. Pray for her mental health as it has declined again after the loss. She needs breakthrough, direction, and God in her life. 
  22. Please pray for change needed in the state of Iowa’s Government ( Dept of Corrections) So little compassion or empathy for prisoners in our Iowa prisons.  Prayers that God move in their hearts to do more of God's work with inmates.
  23. An inmate of Fort Dodge prison asks for HC prayers for a change in the leadership here at Ft Dodge.  That God strengthens the Ft Dodge administrators to follow Him and not only believes in punishment but growth and the realization that God is in control.  Move to positive leadership.
  24. Wisdom, courage, & clarity for a 7 year relationship leading to marriage or dissolving.
  25. Praying for friendship with Godly women.  Allow me to be vulnerable to others and trust to share life's moments.
  26. Please pray for direction in my life for 2024.  Pray for wisdom in navigating difficult situations and circumstances.  Pray for freedom from anxiety that feels free to run rampant in my mind the last three months.
  27. Prayers for the Crowe family - Back surgery, ACL repair/healing
  28. I ask God that this new job opportunity goes well.  Asking God to create a new heart within me.  Asking God for a promotion for my partner.
  29. For the power of the Holy Spirit to fill us all afresh and renewed.  Anointing in 2024 - loving everyone.  Pray for Dee’s family, she passed.  God let them feel your embrace, your love and comfort now and always.
  30. Pray for baby Hadlee.  Heal her body.  Give strength and hope to her parents.  Let her have a miraculous healing.
  31. Open paths for stories to be shared to shed light for others struggling letting them know they are not alone and recovery is alway possible.  Healing is coming.  God makes a way when there is no way.
  32. Please Lord move in my nieces life.  Open her heart/eyes/ears.  Lord, she needs you!  We need her back in our lives.  In Jesus name.  Amen.
  33. Pray for my marriage.  That my husband allows Christ to lead him through this healing phase and into prosperity.  Allow there to be purpose in the pain…let love win!  Let triumph unfold.  I leave this in your capable hands.  Amen.
  34. Prayers for IDOC inmates.  Open their hearts to God.  The vast majority have been so beat down by this system that they believe God doesn't care about them.  Pray that God can open the eyes of their hearts that they may know Him.
  35. For the return of my son and for him to believe that Jesus led him back home.
  36. For my relationship to be strengthened by God and for my fiance to know it is God who blessed us.
  37. We pray that this job opportunity turns out to be legit and that it starts a new chapter in her life.



  1. Prayers for 2 children with a very rare blood disorder that they would find matches for transfusion.
  2. Please pray for the Spirit to touch my husband's heart and give him a desire to draw closer to God. We’ve become complacent over the years and it's time to come back!
  3. My sister Wendy. Multitude of things weighing her down. Please Lord, open her heart, eyes, and ears to you. Let her softer side show. Thanks for allowing her to open up to me some. Guide her through this lonely and emotionally charged time. Bless her.
  4. Thank you Lord for all my blessings. For the Holy Spirit changing the inside of me. Life is amazing. This journey is worth it!
  5. I just want to stop caring what the world thinks of me. I’m sick of comparing myself to everyone. Help me find Jesus and live in God’s image. I’m sick of the world creating an image or narrative in my mind that I don’t want to follow. I just want to be who I was meant to be.
  6. My big sister, my only role model, is fighting some serious legal issues. Please help me and my niece stay faithful, strong, supportive, and bright. Let this time pass faster than it come upon us.
  7. Please pray for our son GT. He is deployed to Jordan, newly married, and expecting a baby, our 1st grandchild. Many roadblock right now for them. Please allow him to be home for his daughter’s birth. Amen.
  8. Please pray for my son TS. Oppression all around him. Please help him to break free and rise up to be the man You designed him to be. Heal his heart, open his eyes and ears.
  9. I need prayers for relationships. E, Mom, Brother, Dad, Sister, Nieces and Nephews.
  10. Pray for miracles that God makes happen when our backs are against the wall. Pray for doors to open and for any scripts that need to be turned completely around. Lord, please know I put all my faith and trust in you. 
  11. My friend E, a highschool student at Perry was at school during the shooting on Thursday. Pray for healing from emotional trauma. Peace that passes understanding and praise God for her safety. She is a Christian girl who taught Bible club 2022 at 5 Seasons Mobile Home Park, bringing many kids to saving knowledge of Jesus. Amen.
  12. For a new living situation. While I’m thankful for the home I have right now, beyond thankful, I know it’s time for a new and safe living environment that also helps financially.


  1. Pray for all those dealing with an illness at this time.  So many are hospitalized and in serious conditions.  Heal them, heal our land.
  2. Please pray for my friend Dale.  Has legal issues, is full of fear.  Please reach out through this prayer and ease his pain.  Allow him to be touched by the Holy Spirit and given the chance to change his life.
  3. Father, you are such a wonderful father.  Please Lord keep up the flow of encouragement to be encouraged.  This path has been so discouraging! I will wait on you Lord. Amen
  4. Thank you for changing me.  For sending the Holy Spirit.  His influence has been dramatic, Lord I need you all the time.  I cannot walk without your guidance to change me.
  5. Please remove doubt from my mind and heart.  Forgive all my sins. Amen
  6. Praying for courage to keep going with everything happening in my life.  Praying for a breakthrough in my life and my family’s.
  7. Pray for my insecurities to be removed and replaced with God's supernatural encouragement. My strength, spiritually and physically.  My husband, daughter and son to be spiritually healed.
  8. My aunt who had open heart surgery and immediately after tested positive for COVID.
  9. Pray for a close friend I call “brother” 46 years old with family history of heart issues.  Had a heart attack last year.  Layter found cancer in colon.  Surgery removed sections.  Now issues with IBS meds, lost appetite and rapidly losing weight.  Request prayers for healing in 2024
  10. Prayers for stronger trust that God is always with me in every circumstance.  To stop all the worry that is consuming my mind.
  11. Prayers for direction and purpose for my life.
  12. We are blessed when we believe what the Lord has said.  Promise to give Cheyenne and her 7 kids a hope and a future and no harm to come near them.  To provide for them more than we can think or imagine by the power of the Holy Spirit.  In Jesus name.
  13. Pray for my brother, Marty.  He struggles with depression and physical pain.  He is a believer but hasn’t fully plugged into church and living it out. 
  14. Pray for Deane and family.
  15. Pray for my cousin Vanessa
  16. Pray for Dejuan and DJ. Lost their mother.
  17. Pray for nieces and nephews that are not walking with Jesus.  Turn them to our Father in Heaven and our Father to turn toward them.
  18. Pray for my Uncle Sam
  19. Pray for Pat
  20. Pray for Val
  21. Son Austin struggling with depression.  Stop vaping.
  22. Keep my friend Aonarreia strong in her faith and relationship with Jesus.  Protect her, provide for her, deliver her from evil, strengthen her, lead her on your path, keeping her footsteps firm.  Show her your love every second.  In your name Jesus, I speak blessing over her.
  23. Please pray for my children to come back to the Lord.  For my siblings to be delivered from auditions and for God to draw them near to Him.  For my parents marriage to be restored.  Thank you - God bless you.
  24. Please pray for my brother Luke.  Stage 4 cancer and will be hopefully having his stomach removed in February.
  25. Please help those dealing with depression and anxiety.  Help them work through the valleys and dark days that are to come.  Please be with my family and sisters who battle it everyday.  Help them realize that life is worth living.
  26. I would like for you to pray that God helps my connection with Him grow stronger and so that I stop doing the simple things I do happen multiple times and lastly help me make my decisions better as a teenager.
  27. Father watch over Alex’s dad as he battles with cancer.  Be with Alex, give him strength and comfort through these times.  Amen.
  28. Grandma Baker - I need a prayer for my uncle Dick that is up in heaven right now.  Grandma Vicky Anderson.  Grandpa Bud Anderson
  29. I need prayer as we lost another distant family member on my moms side.  Prayers that my mom is safely able to make it down here OK in February and that we don't get a huge snowstorm as it's the weekend of my basketball skills tournament and that I do good and that I don’t get nervous and fall. Last year I got super nervous and fell down and twisted my ankle.  I need prayers as I have been getting stressed a lot and have been having a lot of starring episodes and have only been getting 3 hours of sleep.
  30. Please pray over my financial burgers.  As a father of 3 I aim to provide for my little ones and also be in the position to help others.  I want to do MORE!  Not just for me.  May blessings open the door for others.
  31. Praying for my friend Chris.  I pray for his marriage to be restored and his battle with alcohol to be conquered.  I pray for him a new job in 2024 and transportation.  Also his relationship with God to be stronger.
  32. Please pray for my friend Daniel.  I pray he receives custody of his son in California.  Please watch over him and keep him safe while on duty.  Protect him and all those around him.
  33. Prayers for a closer relationship with God - finding community with faith based people.
  34. Prayers for healing my body from any cancer returning and easing my fears.
  35. Pray for our church as we head into 2024 - for Pastor Q, for the staff and those in leadership.  There is so much to accomplish.  Pray the anointing of the Lord to be present and the community of believers stay strong.  May many come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.